Can Turtles Eat Cabbage? 4 Benefits | Full Guide

can turtles eat cabbage

Cabbage, a green leafy vegetable loaded with vitamins and minerals, can be a great choice as it is very nutritious, helps in better digestion, and many more.

Green vegetables are considered an essential part of a healthy diet, and contain different minerals, vitamins, and fibers. Having a diet rich in green leafy vegetables provides several health benefits. 

But what about turtles? Can turtles eat cabbage? If you have a pet turtle, you might have this question in your mind. In this article, you’ll understand whether feeding cabbage is good for turtles.

Can Turtles Eat Cabbage?

Yes, turtles can eat cabbage, as it is a nutritious leafy green vegetable, cabbage can be a part of their diet, but it needs to be given as a treat. You need to avoid feeding them too much of it. You need to ensure your turtle can handle it as, in some cases, it can get sick due to stomach-related problems.

You can feed a wide variety of vegetables to turtles, like spinach, lettuce, carrots, and broccoli which can provide a lot of vitamins that are needed by their body. 

Even if you try to provide your pet turtle with various food items, there are things you need to know. If you are thinking of feeding your pet some cabbage, it should be organic and pesticide-free. Now let’s get to know how often turtles can eat cabbage.

How Often Can Turtles Eat Cabbage?

The amount of cabbage recommended to be fed to turtles is about 3 cups per week which is too mixed in with other vegetables.

You should feed them cabbages at fixed intervals and a fixed amount of it, and too much of it can be unhealthy. Turtles love cabbages; the more you give them, the more they will love eating them.

Before feeding cabbage to your turtle, cut it into small pieces so that it will be easy for them to chew it, and you need to see how it affects their health. As cabbages contain goitrogen, consuming it in excess can jeopardize their health by disturbing the production of thyroid hormones.

4 Benefits of Feeding Cabbage to Turtles

Vegetables are essential to your pet’s diet, and turtles can eat various fruits and vegetables as they are very nutritious. But the only thing you should remember is that there is always a limit to whatever you feed them and how often and how much of the particular vegetable is okay for your pet turtle.

When we talk about feeding cabbages to turtles, here is a list of the benefits of feeding cabbages to them.

1: Cabbage is Packed With Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential for turtles’ proper functioning of the bones, muscles, and blood vessels. Cabbages are packed with vitamin C, and thus you can feed them to your turtle to provide its body with the proper amount of vitamin C they require. You can add a few other food items to your pet’s diet to ensure vitamin C, are oranges, grapes, watermelons, etc.

2: It Improves Digestion

If you want to improve your pet turtle’s digestive system, then cabbage, which is rich in fiber, is a great option. It is a crunchy vegetable that contains insoluble fiber, which helps keep the digestive system healthy by regulating bowel movements. Adding more cabbage to your pet’s diet can be an excellent way to keep your pet’s digestive system healthy and happy.

3: An Excellent Source of Vitamin K

Vitamin K is a high source of fat-soluble vitamins which play many vital roles in the body.

Cabbage is an opulent source of vitamin K1, a critical nutrient that plays different roles in the body; one of the main functions is that it acts as a cofactor for enzymes responsible for clotting the blood. Without vitamin K, the blood would lose its ability to clot, increasing the risk of excessive bleeding. You must add cabbage to your pet turtle’s diet to ensure they get enough vitamin K.

4: Calcium For Their Bones

A turtle’s shell is made of bones, and calcium and cabbage can be a reliable source of this mineral to keep these bones strong and healthy. Cabbages also contain minerals like potassium and iron, which helps with overall bone and shell development.

How to Feed Cabbage to Turtles?

When you feed your pet cabbage, you must follow the correct way to serve it so they can eat it without facing health issues. Here is the right way of doing cabbage to your pet turtle.

Wash the Cabbage

First, ensure you clean your cabbage to avoid any pesticides on the outer leaves, which can lead to severe health problems.

Finely Slice/ Dice Them

After washing the cabbage, slice them into tiny pieces. Avoid the stem part of the cabbage while preparing it since it is a bit hard and can be bitter. And after this, remove all the nodes as it can lead to choking and eventually can harm your turtle.

Serve in Clean Bowl

When you are serving any food item, the bowl of food or water should also be cleaned, and make sure that it’s shallow enough so they can eat quickly without spilling any food on the floor while trying to eat.

Mix Other vegetables

When serving cabbage to your pet, try to do it along with some other vegetables so that its nutritious value increases and they can enjoy it.


Green vegetables have many nutritional advantages to animals, just like humans. Cabbage is among these highly nutritious foods and helps by providing the needed nutrients for good health.

As for the question, can turtles eat cabbage? The answer is yes. You can feed cabbages to your pet turtle. Cabbages are rich in vitamins and minerals and nutritious for your pet turtle. But it would help if you gave it to them in tiny quantities as it contains goitrogen, which meddles with the thyroid functions in turtles. So, feeding them cabbages in large quantities can lead to severe health issues, so make sure to serve cabbage to them in a limited amount.

Foods Not Good for Reptiles


Can baby turtles eat cabbage?

Yes, baby turtles can eat cabbage as they can eat various vegetables. Try to give them organic cabbage to avoid pesticides which can lead to serious health problems.

Are cabbages safe for turtles?

Yes, cabbages are safe for turtles but in small quantities, and that too occasionally, as cabbages contain goitrogen compounds which can cause serious health issues.

Can aquatic turtles eat cabbage?

Yes, aquatic turtles can eat cabbage. Marine animals need a variety of nutrients in green vegetables, and cabbage is a good option, but remember to feed them only a limited amount so that it won’t lead to any health issues.

Can musk turtles eat cabbage?

Yes, musk turtles can eat cabbage, but you should feed them in moderation.

Can paint turtles eat cabbage?

Yes, painted turtles can eat cabbage. These animals need a variety of nutrients, and cabbage is a good option, but remember to feed them only a limited amount so that it won’t lead to any health issues.

Can box turtles eat cabbage?

Yes, box turtles can eat cabbage, but feed them cabbage once in a while, mixing it with other fresh vegetables.

Can turtles eat red cabbage?

Yes, turtles can eat red cabbage. Red cabbage contains more antioxidants than green cabbage, so it’s a good idea to feed cabbage to turtles but in small amounts that too occasionally.

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