Can Turtles Eat Bananas? 3 Benefits | Full Guide

can turtles eat bananas

With 10% Potassium, 7% of Carbohydrates, 20% Vitamin B6, 14% of Vitamin C, 10% fiber, 6% Magnesium, and many healthy elements, bananas are rich in health benefits and excellent taste. Bananas also help maintain blood sugar, weight loss, and blood pressure, lessening the risks of heart issues and much more. Can pets gain these many benefits after consuming bananas? 

Turtles love trying different kinds of fruits and vegetables and are not demanding when eating food. But can turtles eat bananas, and are they nutritious for turtles? 

Can Turtles Eat Bananas?

Yes! turtles can consume bananas, and they love the taste of this nutritious fruit. But bananas are not as healthy for turtles as they are for humans, and if served in moderation, they can positively impact them. 

If some turtles have never consumed bananas and pet owners want to feed them this nutritious fruit, they can try providing them small pieces and then watch their reaction and how turtles respond. Apart from bananas, there is an extensive range of healthy fruits and vegetables that pet owners can serve their turtles. Some are spinach, carrot, green beans, kiwi, yellow squash, mango, Apple, watermelon, and many more. 

How Often Can Turtles Eat bananas?

Offering bananas once a week is good. Since bananas contain a lot of sugar, daily consumption can lead to obesity and even diarrhea in turtles. Consuming anything in excess can lead to so many health risks for anyone, and the same applies to turtles. Pet owners must know the number of bananas and how much they should feed their turtles. 

Pet owners should only feed one banana to their turtles and do this only on alternate days and not every day! Bananas also consist of Potassium which is healthy when consumed in a limited amount, but if consumed in excess, it can result in indigestion and vomiting. Because of these many reasons, it is advised that pet owners should always avoid serving them per day! And also, they should never do their pet turtles, a whole bunch of bananas. 

3 Benefits of Feeding bananas to Turtles

1: Vitamin A for Healthy Skin and Ducts

If turtles won’t get enough Vitamin A in their body and become deficient in it, they may face health issues such as disturbance in their organs’ proper and healthy functioning. In the absence of this essential Vitamin, the cells of turtles will get thickened and not function properly. This essential Vitamin is crucial for turtles so that their skin remains healthy, their ducts act correctly, and they grow healthier. 

2: Fibers for Healthier Digestion 

It is known that fibers are one of the most crucial elements that assist in healthier and smoother digestion in organisms, and it also happens with turtles. Bananas are abundant in having fibers and will help the turtles in getting their healthier digestion.

3: Magnesium for Strong Shells 

Shells are one of the essential parts of the turtle’s bodies, and they need to consume healthy food items that will provide them with essential nutrients that will eventually make their shells solid and healthy. And, Magnesium contributes a lot to such! 

How to Feed Bananas to Turtles?

Serving in a Shallow Dish 

The way the food item is served plays a significant role, and when pet owners are thinking of giving bananas to turtles, they should provide them in a shallow dish, and this is so because they won’t be able to overturn easily. 

Chopping is a Great Idea 

Before serving the bananas to turtles, pet owners should ensure they have been chopped into small pieces. Regarding the peels of bananas, turtles can consume whole bananas and peels, and it all depends on whether pet owners want to serve bananas to their pet turtles with or without peels. Banana peels are also known to make the shells of turtles soft, and they also high the risks of contracting infections in turtles. 

Prepare a Fruit Salad 

Chopping healthy fruit, such as berries, carrots, kiwis, peaches, and many more, and adding the pieces of banana makes it way more nutritious and appealing. If pet owners serve their turtles in this way, turtles also get a change of taste and do not get bored of consuming one kind of fruit. Pet owners can mix some veggies in salad bowls such as, leaves of lettuce , carrots and more.


So, the answer to can turtles eat bananas is yes. Bananas have many health benefits, including weight loss, bone health, blood pressure, and much more. When it comes to turtles, this fruit also has so many health benefits. However, they can only act positively if served with limitations rather than daily. Or else it can negatively affect turtles and lead to many health risks. 

It is advised that pet owners only serve bananas to their pet turtles in a very moderate amount and should always be at most 5% to 10% of the total diet served to turtles. 

Pet owners should go for the ripe bananas rather than serving the unripe ones to their turtles.

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Can baby turtles eat bananas?

Yes! Baby turtles are known to eat bananas, and they like eating them.

Can box turtles eat bananas?

Yes! Box turtles can consume bananas. However, pet owners should only serve this fruit to them on fixed occasions rather than regularly.

Can painted turtles eat bananas?

Yes! Painted turtles can also consume bananas but only in a minimal amount.

Can aquatic turtles eat bananas?

Yes! Pet owners can serve bananas to their aquatic turtles, but they should make sure that this healthy fruit is only 10% of the total diet of turtles.

Can turtles eat banana peels?

Yes! Turtles are known to consume whole bananas along with the s! And also, peels are safe to consume and even add up to food wastage.

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