Can Guinea Pigs Eat Celery? 7 Benefits | Full Guide

can guinea pigs eat celery

Every animal owner wanders about which food item to add to the diet of their pet animals. Feeding anything doesn’t fit right as it can have some side effects too on their health. All pet owners must do proper research about adding food items to their diet as it can give them both positive and negative effects. 

Talking about celery, it is grass that can be given to anyone. However, can guinea pigs eat celery? Will celery turn out to be safer for them? These questions arise in the mind as guinea pigs are gentle animals with low metabolism caliber. 

Celery is a safe option to add fiber to the diet. Make sure to know whether this grass is suitable for your pet animal or not. Let’s find out whether guinea pigs can eat celery or not.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Celery?

The simple answer is yes. Guinea pigs are small gentle animals that are more like rabbits in look. This species of animal can eat anything that is offered to them. However, for health concerns, every food item must be safe for them if you are someone who is feeding. 

Guinea pigs can eat celery without any problem with their health, and celery is perfectly consumable to them. It is essential to research the side effects it can cause. Apart from celery, you can also add broccoli, beetroot, and asparagus to their diet. 

Check out the ailments and diseases your pigs can get affected with and ways to prevent them. A diet is the only thing that matters since it can give you positive health benefits and can even ruin your health to death.

How Often Can Guinea Pigs Eat Celery?

Add celery only a few times per week or add it as a treat to them. The first thing you should know is all parts of celery are safe for guinea pigs to eat. However, you should limit the quantity of feeding celery to their piggies. 

Guinea pigs love to chew everything being offered to them. Celery can be an excellent option for your guinea pig, and you must ensure the quantity you give them. Celery can be a healthy snack for them, having all kinds of vitamins and minerals, and you must notify the amount you are giving to them. 

Never add a whole stalk to their diet, as it can harm their health. Add small portions of the stalk to their diet little by little rather than feeding an entire branch. Even though celery is safe for them, too much can cause bloating.

Trying to add a handful of leafy parts in a day is sufficient for them to enjoy without any side effects. Celery can be added to their diet in small portions twice a week. 

The only thing you need to understand is to try not to feed cooked celery to the piggies as it has less nutrition and is hard for them to digest. Feed them everything raw and natural, and it’s essential to maintain a diet chart for guinea pigs for better growth.

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7 Benefits Of Feeding Celery To Guinea Pigs

Celery is a green leafy vegetable that is a snack for the piggies. It has many benefits for your animal making it suitable to add in some quantity. The best thing about celery is its low-calorie content in the whole composition. Several benefits of adding celery to a guinea pig’s diet are:

1: Improves Cardiovascular System

The most organ of anyone’s body is the heart. For guinea pigs, celery has proven to be healthy as it boosts the cardiovascular system. It has various kinds of vitamins that help perform better heart functioning. This veggie can also help your piggy live longer and healthier. The vitamins perform their actions that directly improve heart functioning in the body.

2: Maintains Digestion

Usually, it was found that guinea pigs have problems with their digestion. They have poor digestive tracts, and due to this, guinea pigs need assistance with flooding. Celery has proven to be better for their digestion as this leafy vegetable is fueled with dietary fiber that helps control bowel movement.

Also, every leafy vegetable can do the same job, but celery is the best vegetable you can add to the guinea pig’s diet.

3: Vitamin C Prevents Scurvy

Guinea pigs are prone to scurvy like humans if they have vitamin c deficiency. Scurvy is a skin disease that can have negative impacts on overall health. Celery is loaded with vitamin c that can be easy for them to eat as a snack or diet. Their immune system also relies on vitamin c, so adding it is good for them.

They are also prone to infections, so it helps build antibodies in their body to fight off and ensures full recovery.

4: Lowers Blood Pressure

To live a healthy life, blood pressure must be maintained at optimum levels, and celery helps maintain blood flow.

5: Promotes Water Retention

Celery has shown excellent water retention capability in the body that helps guinea pigs store water for a longer duration. It maintains the body’s water level and ensures it is hydrated throughout the day.

6: Eliminates Toxic Elements In The Body

Many food items in the market have artificial elements in their composition, and feeding them can cause an increase in foreign elements in their bodies. Celery is loaded with numerous nutrients, including many antioxidants that help remove elements from the body.

7: It Helps to Prevent Muscle Spasms.

Guinea pigs suffer from muscle spasms due to specific imbalances in their body. Celery is by far the best in preventing muscle spasms to a reasonable level. Add them to their diet every single day.

These are the benefits that celery has for guinea pigs.

3 Risk Of Feeding Celery To Guinea Pigs

Everything is not entirely safe for feeding and has some negative points. Following are the risks of feeding celery to guinea pigs.

1: Presence of Oxalates

Celery is a vegetable loaded with high levels of oxalates in its composition. Oxalates are compounds that can cause kidney or bladder stones in their bodies. So, always try to avoid feeding them in high quantities. 

Guinea pigs are also prone to urinary infections. So, you must add celery to their diet in some portion every day.

2: Allergic Reactions

Every food item is not suitable for every creature on this earth. Some can adjust to it, and some can not. Celery can cause allergic reactions in your animal. Although such incidents happen rarely, you must take care of them.

If you see changes in your guinea pig after feeding celery, you must stop adding it to their diet. Seek medical attention in case the condition gets worse.

3: High Sodium Content

Celery has a high level of sodium that can be hazardous to your guinea pig and affect your animal’s well-being. That’s why it is good to add celery in low quantities, as it can even cause your animals death.

Add a small portion of celery every day.

How to Feed Celery to Guinea Pigs?

The preparation of this veggie is similar to others, and there is no need to make special alterations in feeding celery to the guinea pigs. However, you can follow simple steps to make guinea pigs celery.

Offer in Small Portions

Guinea pigs can eat every part of celery as it is safe. From celery roots and stalks to leaves, every detail is safe and healthy to eat. However, it is necessary to limit the consumption count as it can be harmful if fed in high quantities.

Cut the celery into small pieces and offer them. You can also give other veggies together with celery to balance the taste of it. Celery can be fed to your piggies several times a week in a limited portion.

Feed Raw, Not Cooked

It is advised to give veggies in raw form as they are more nutritious to eat. Cooked foods are less healthy as they have fewer nutrients and are harder to digest. Wild animals also love to eat raw food as they don’t encounter any cooked food until someone offers them.

Offer With Other Veggies

Celery has no taste, and it is bland in taste. So to maintain the food habits of your pet animal, a feeder should feed celery with other veggies like broccoli, asparagus, and other vegetables to balance out the taste.

Offer them by adding a few portions of every veggie that is safe for them to eat.

Maintain a diet chart and then feed accordingly. This way, you can give your piggy both health and taste.


Now we have an answer to the question: can guinea pigs eat celery? So yes, guinea pigs love to eat celery as it is safe to consume. Guinea pigs love to eat celery, but that doesn’t means they will love celery. You must develop their interest in eating celery as it has all the vital nutrients sufficient for their growth and development.

Feeding your pet can be satisfying and challenging, and you must ensure that the animal is eating healthy and responding perfectly to it. Good quality food will maintain the guinea pig’s health and body and add more years to their lives.


Do guinea pigs like to eat celery?

Yes, guinea pigs love to eat celery. However, the feeder must ensure that the quantity should be within limits. Do Not feed in more quantities as it can harm their health. Add celery to their diet thrice a week or daily but in moderation.

Can guinea pigs eat raw celery?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat raw celery. Raw celery is highly nutritious for them as every vital nutrient and antioxidant is embedded in its consumption.

Can guinea pigs eat cooked celery?

No, it is good that guinea pigs should not eat cooked celery as it does not possess any healthy nutrients in its composition. It can be dangerous for them also because cooked foods are more complex to digest, which leads to constipation in the pigs.

Can guinea pigs have celery stems?

Guinea pigs can eat every part of the celery, and there are no restrictions on eating a specific amount of celery. However, a feeder must monitor the intake quantity to ensure the animal’s safety.

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