Can Bearded Dragons Swim? 5 Safety Tips

Can Bearded Dragons Swim

Swimming is a good activity for everyone for several reasons. It is a great exercise for the whole body; it is an incredible way to enhance the calorie-burning process, making the lungs strong and much more. But the question is, swimming beneficial for pets too?

Pet owners of bearded dragons have so many questions about their bearded dragons, and one of them is, can bearded dragons swim? Is it safe for their adorable bearded dragon to swim? What are the safety steps to take while allowing bearded dragons to swim? And much more. 

Can Bearded Dragons Swim?

Yes, Bearded dragons can swim, and swimming benefits them in many ways. Bearded dragons love swimming, and their pet owners should let them swim.

Swimming is a great activity for bearded dragons because it is fun and acts as a great body exercise, improving bowel movement, maintaining hydration, lessening the sensations of itching while shedding, and many more.

Swimming with bearded dragons is also an incredible way for pet owners to increase their bond with them and have fun. However, pet owners should never force their bearded dragons to swim, or it will harm them and their bond.

Can Bearded Dragons Swim

How Often Should I Allow My Bearded Dragon to Swim?

The behavior and nature of every bearded dragon are different from each other, so there can be some bearded dragons who will enjoy the swimming activity. In contrast, on the other hand, there will be some bearded dragons who are not going to enjoy swimming. 

Suppose your bearded dragon is having fun while swimming; pet owners should let them swim a week thrice. However, pet owners should take care of the temperature of the water and look after them while swimming. Pet owners can also increase the number of days if they notice that bearded dragons are not facing any difficulties and they are having fun.

Where Can Bearded Dragons Swim?

Pet owners should always look for a safe and secluded place for their bearded dragons to swim where they can also look at them from time to time and help them with any difficulties. Tanks are one of the best options when looking for places where pet owners can do these. Here, pet owners can manage the temperature of the water, can look at their bearded dragons, and look after the cleanliness of the tanks.

However, pet owners should always ensure that the tanks in which they will let their bearded dragons swim do not have any chlorine. Another place where pet owners can make their bearded dragons swim and have fun is ponds and lakes.  

However, pet owners must look at several factors while swimming their bearded dragons in ponds or lakes. There should not be any enemies of their adorable pet; they won’t be able to manage the temperature of ponds and lakes, and much more. 

Pet owners should not consider the ocean when looking up places for their bearded dragons to swim. Oceans are very dangerous for bearded dragons to swim because of the waves that may take them away, the enemies who can harm them, and much more. 

5 Safety Tips

1: Monitoring Them 

When pet owners are letting their bearded dragons swim in the water, one of the prime safety tips they should keep in mind is always to monitor them. Pet owners should never leave them unmonitored and let them go out of sight. And it is because no one can afford to risk drowning their adorable pets.

Some bearded dragons will love swimming underwater, but pet owners should monitor that they are not doing this for a long time and always look at them. Also, pet owners should never force their bearded dragons to swim underwater, and they should let them feel free to enjoy the swimming activity. 

2: Ways to Let Rest 

Another safety tip is that pet owners should let them rest while bearded dragons are swimming since they can get tired, and without resting, swimming is not good from a safety point of view. Pet owners can try putting any log in the water where their bearded dragons swim. 

This way, bearded dragons can go there and have a rest break and continue their swimming sessions. 

3: Temperature of Water 

Another thing that is very important as a safety tip is to check the water temperature in which pet owners will take their bearded dragons to swim. Pet owners should keep in mind that the temperature of the water should only be 90 to 100 degrees, that is, lukewarm water. If pet owners use cold water, there is a high chance that they will be sick. 

4: Never Force Them 

It is great if bearded dragons swim in the water independently, but pet owners should never force them to swim. There are sometimes when bearded dragons are not in the mood to swim or for some other reason; in those conditions, pet owners should not try to make them swim. 

5: Warm After Swimming 

The next safety tip pet owners should do is to warm their bearded dragons. Pet owners should wrap their bearded dragons with some clothes and make them dry nicely. They should also check whether their bearded dragons are shedding, and if they are shedding, then it’s best not to force dry them.

After wrapping and drying, pet owners should let them bask in the sun’s rays. After bearded dragons swim, they may feel cold, and allowing them to bask in the sun is a great option for bearded dragons. 


Swimming is a fun activity to do; many pet owners let their pets swim. But everyone doubts that can bearded dragons swim. Is it entertaining for a bearded dragon? Bearded dragons can swim, and they are in love with swimming. However, pet owners should never force their bearded dragons to swim as they also can not be in the mood to swim at that instance, or maybe they are sick. 

Pet owners should next remember the safety tips while allowing their bearded dragons to swim. Some of them are to continuously monitor them when bearded dragons swim because there are chances of drowning; they should also never force their bearded dragons to swim. There are a few more tips for the safety of bearded dragons while swimming. 


Do bearded dragons like to swim?

Yes, bearded dragons love swimming, which is a fun activity. But some of them don’t like this activity.

Can bearded dragons swim in a pool?

Yes, bearded dragons can swim in a pool with no dangerous predators that can harm bearded dragons.

Can a baby bearded dragon swim?

Yes, a bearded baby dragon can swim like any normal adult dragon.

How deep can bearded dragons swim underwater?

Bearded dragons can not go deeper than one foot because that will be deep for them, and they may drown.

How long can bearded dragons hold their breath?

While swimming, bearded dragons can hold their breath for up to two minutes.

Is swimming good for bearded dragons?

Swimming is similar to a bath and is a good activity. If your bearded dragons love to swim, you can take them swimming, but don’t force them if they don’t like it.

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