Can Bearded Dragons Eat Turnip Greens? 5 Benefits | Full Guide

can bearded dragons eat turnip greens

Turnip greens are rich in calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C, vitamin A, and many essential nutrients; this green vegetable tastes like heaven! This vegetable with dark and green leaves not just tastes wonders and even wonders! But are turnip greens healthy and beneficial for bearded dragons?

Regarding a healthy diet, fruits and vegetables play a significant role and should be consumed sufficiently. But is it the same for pets? 

Can bearded dragons eat turnip greens? Are there any risks too? How should they try feeding them with turnip greens and many more? Let’s dive in-depth and understand whether feeding turnip greens to a bearded dragon is good.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Turnip Greens?

Yes, bearded dragons can consume turnip greens, which are highly nutritious and delicious. Apart from turnip greens, pet owners can also serve their bearded dragons cabbages, carrots, spinach and other vegetables.

Turnip greens consist of Vitamin A, which adds to healthy eyesight, Vitamin C for the strong immune system in bearded dragons; magnesium for muscle health and much more. However, pet owners should be aware that serving an abundance of turnip greens to their bearded dragons will only result in health risks rather than health benefits.

How Often Can Bearded Dragons Eat Turnip greens?

Turnip greens are also named ” staple green.” And staple greens are vegetables that one can serve regularly, which can also be done weekly. 

Doubtless, turnip greens are highly nutritious and safe vegetables for bearded dragons. But, overconsumption of any food item is not considered a safe habit, and pet owners should be aware of how often they should serve turnip greens to their bearded dragons. 

4 Benefits of Turnip Greens for Bearded Dragons

1: Vitamin A for Eyes Health 

The eyes are one of the most crucial parts of any organism’s body, so taking care of them and keeping them healthy becomes more important. And the same goes for bearded dragons. To do this, Vitamin A plays a prime role in keeping the eyes of bearded dragons healthy. 

Apart from the proper health of eyes in bearded dragons, Vitamin A is also crucial for the good and healthy functioning of other body organs like lungs and heart. And turnip greens are known to have an abundance of Vitamin A, so consuming this nutritious veggie becomes crucial. 

2: Vitamin C for Proper Immune Health 

Immune health becomes crucial in bearded dragons as it helps the body fight against any harmful entities that may enter the body. And for this, Vitamin C plays a significant role in the healthy functioning of the immune system in bearded dragons, and turnip greens are known to provide this crucial calcium for bones and teeth to achieve that. 

Apart from healthy eyesight and immune system in bearded dragons, healthy bones and teeth are also crucial; calcium intake is a must to achieve that. Turnip greens can act as a friend for bearded dragons and provide them calcium. 

3: Magnesium for Muscle Health 

Pet owners never want to risk anything regarding their adorable pet beardies and always want to provide them with food containing every essential nutrient. Consumption of food items with magnesium is significant as it promotes muscle health in bearded dragons, and magnesium also helps make the immune system more healthy and robust. 

4: Iron for the Growth 

A bearded dragon’s body requires various essential elements that will assist in its overall healthy growth and development. And for this, iron is one of those crucial elements that help bearded dragons grow and stay fit.

2 Risks of Feeding Turnip Greens to Bearded Dragons

1: Vitamin A Toxicity Causes Vision Issues 

One of the prime risks that bearded dragons can cause due to the excess consumption of turnip greens is vision problems. Vitamin A toxicity is also known to cause other dangerous problems like kidney failures, and in difficult situations, it can also lead to the death of bearded dragons.

2: High Water Content Leads to Diarrhea 

Turnip greens consist of 90-94% of water content, 1.52% of Protein, 0.3% of fat, 0% alcohol, and 7.23% of carbohydrates. Due to such high water content, the risks of diarrhea become very high in bearded dragons, so excess consumption of turnip greens can result in loose motions in them. 

How to Prepare Turnip Greens for Your Bearded Dragons?

Washing to Remove Unwanted Elements 

Everyone knows that fruits and vegetables should be washed before consumption as they may contain dust, some fertilizers, insects, or more on their outer surface. The same goes for the leaves of turnip greens. Pet owners should wash the leaves very nicely, and then only they should serve it. 

Try Serving it Raw

When turnip greens are cooked, they are known to lose all their minerals and even vitamins, which eventually are unhealthy for bearded dragons to consume. So, it is advised to pet owners to serve turnip greens raw to their bearded dragons. 

Salad Goes a Long Way 

There can be times when bearded dragons feel bored after eating the same turnip greens in their meals! At those times, pet owners can change their taste by mixing other healthy green vegetables and fruits into their food bowl and the turnip greens. 


The answer to can bearded dragons eat turnip greens is yes! They can consume turnip greens. Turnip greens are one of the safest vegetables pet owners can serve to their adorable pet beards. They have abundant essential healthy elements such as Vitamin C for a robust immune system, Vitamin A for healthy eyesight, Iron for proper growth, Magnesium for healthy muscles, Calcium for strong bones and teeth, and many more. 


Can baby bearded dragons eat turnip greens?

Yes! Baby bearded dragons can also consume turnip greens as they are so healthy.

Do bearded dragons like turnip greens?

Yes! Bearded dragons love the taste of turnip greens, which are also very healthy to consume.

Are turnip greens safe for bearded dragons?

Yes! Turnip greens are considered a safe option to feed to bearded dragons, and pet owners can serve the turnip greens to bearded dragons.

How many turnip greens feed your bearded dragons?

Turnip greens are loaded with so many essential nutrients. However, pet owners can serve two to three leaves to their bearded dragons.

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