Can Bearded Dragons Eat Sweet Potatoes? 3 Benefits | Full Guide


can bearded dragons eat sweet potatoes
10 Feb, 2023

Being sweet and juicy, almost everyone loves to eat sweet potatoes. You can eat sweet potatoes in various ways; some love boiled and roasted. However, not only do humans love to eat sweet potatoes, but a few animals also like sweet potatoes.

Many health professionals and nutritionists praise sweet potatoes and recommend them. They have great nutritional perks like fiber, antioxidants, and Vitamin A. 

As you know, many animals can eat sweet potatoes. So, when it comes to feeding sweet potatoes to bearded dragons, can bearded dragons eat sweet potatoes? Or are they harmful to them?

This article will see whether sweet potatoes are good for beaded dragons. Can they eat it, and what do vets and reptiles experts say about feeding sweet potatoes to your bearded dragon?

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Sweet Potatoes?

Being filled with healthy stuff, bearded dragons can eat sweet potatoes. They like the sweet taste of sweet potatoes. Like Kale, sweet potatoes can benefit your bearded dragon’s health when fed in moderation. 

You can feed sweet potatoes to your bearded dragons. Being packed with healthy carbs and fiber, this vegetable contains helpful antioxidants and nutrients. 

How Often Can Bearded Dragons Eat Sweet Potatoes?

According to vets, you should feed sweet potatoes to your bearded dragons as a treat once or twice a week.  

Sweet potatoes have many benefits, but it doesn’t mean you can dump a bunch of sweet potatoes into your dragon’s cage. According to experts, you should feed everything with proper precautions, learn about it, and provide it. The same goes for sweet potatoes.

Apart from that, you should always feed sweet potatoes in small amounts. You should also make sure to combine it with other foods or salads.

3 Benefits of Sweet Potatoes for Bearded Dragons

Benefits Of Dandelions For Bearded Dragons

Sweet potatoes offer a lot of nutritional benefits for bearded dragons. Let us read a few of the benefits of sweet potatoes given below. 

1: Vitamin C Works for Better Immune System

Sweet potatoes are a great vitamin C. Feeding them to your bearded dragons can benefit them. Sweet potatoes are great for the healthy immune system of your bearded dragon.

2: Vitamin A is Good for the Eyes

Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential for your bearded dragon and has many benefits. The main advantage is that it is excellent for your bearded dragon’s vision health, and vitamin A also works for better skin and the immune system.

3: Antioxidants Keep the Organs Healthy

Sweet potatoes are a source of antioxidants, and it has many advantages for your bearded dragons and helps prevent cancer. Apart from that, antioxidants help immune health, keep the organ healthy, and lower cancer risk.

3 Risks of Feeding Sweet Potatoes to Bearded Dragons

There are three reasons why you should refrain from feeding sweet potatoes to your bearded dragon daily. Let us read the following reasons.

1: Risk of Paralysis

Sweet potatoes contain Oxalates, which bind with calcium and create calcium oxalate. These calcium oxalates remove calcium from your dragon’s body. As a result, the metabolic bone disease may develop in your bearded dragon, and it also causes fatal disorders marked by weakened bones, deformity, and paralysis. 

2: Prevent Calcium Absorption

Sweet potatoes have a calcium-to-phosphorus ratio of 1 to 1.3.

Phosphorus in excess is bad for bearded dragons. Like oxalates, it depletes the body of calcium and inhibits calcium absorption, which can lead to metabolic bone disease. 

3: Risk of Swelling 

Sweet potatoes are high in Vitamin A; this increased amount is unsuitable for your bearded dragons. High vitamin A causes toxicity which can cause swelling, lethargy, and weight loss are some of the symptoms. 

How to Prepare Sweet Potatoes for Your Bearded Dragons?

We have compiled a list of instructions on effectively preparing and feeding sweet potatoes to your bearded dragon since most meals you give your beardie will require a little bit of different preparation. 

Organic Sweet Potatoes 

You should feed organic sweet potatoes to your bearded dragons. It might be costly, but it’s best for your pet. Organic vegetables are free from pesticides and herbicides, so feed organic products to your reptile.

Wash Thoroughly 

Whether organic or regular sweet potatoes, you should wash them thoroughly before preparing them. Washing is necessary because vegetables contain pesticides, herbicides, and dirt particles.

Peel the Skins

You can feed raw sweet potatoes to your bearded dragons. Peel off the skin using a peeler, and it’s done. You don’t have to cook.  

Cut into Small Pieces

Cut them into small chunks or cubes to make it easy for your bearded. It will prevent the risk of choking. 

Mix with Other Veggies

Then add the cubes to the salad bowl. Add it as a salad topper or mix it with nutritious greens.


Many lizards and bearded dragons are like sweet potatoes, and they are a delicious salad topping and a nutritious once-weekly treat. We hope you got the answer to your question can bearded dragons eat sweet potatoes? 

Feeding sweet potatoes once a week is okay; don’t overdo it because too many sweet potatoes could be hazardous for your dragon’s vitamin A levels or prevent it from absorbing calcium.


Can baby bearded dragons eat sweet potatoes?

Yes, baby bearded dragons can eat sweet potatoes because it has many benefits.

Do Bearded Dragons Like sweet potatoes?

Yes, bearded dragons like to eat sweet potatoes and love the taste of vegetables.

Are sweet potatoes Safe for Bearded Dragons?

Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients. They provide many health benefits for bearded dragons. It is safe for your lizard to eat sweet potatoes.

How many sweet potatoes to feed your bearded dragons?

You should feed sweet potatoes once a week. You should provide one sweet potato at a time. Peel it and cut it into cubes. Never feed alone; add it with other fruits and vegetables.

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