Can Bearded Dragons Eat Spiders? 5 Toxic Spiders | Full Guide

can bearded dragons eat spiders

Being an omnivore, bearded dragons can eat almost every insect. And when bearded dragons live as a pet with their pet owners, they eat insects they find in their houses. And when they are doing so, it is a concern for many pet owners whether their adorable beardie is eating everything safely or not! 

Among these concerns, one of the most common ones is, can bearded dragons eat spiders? The answer is that they can eat everything until it is not poisonous and unhealthy to them.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Spiders?

Yes! Bearded dragons can eat spiders, and however, pet owners should never let them eat those as a meal. Beardies can only feed on spiders that are not toxic. Otherwise, pet owners can stay worry-free even if their pet bearded dragons eat the non-toxic spiders. Earthworms, ants, and flies also serve as a good treat for bearded dragons.

How Often Can Bearded Dragons Eat spiders?

Once in a while is the only time beardies should feed on spiders; it should not be their regular meal! 

Spiders can never act as a daily meal for bearded dragons. And pet owners should always avoid feeding their adorable beardies with spiders. Most of the time, pet owners are not able to recognize whether the spiders are toxic or not! 

Spiders contain very few essential nutritional values such as protein, chitin, and calcium, which are good elements for bearded dragons. 

To prepare, pet owners should always try to keep their touch minimal to the spiders. They can take the aid of tweezers for this. Pet owners should always avoid large-sized spiders for their pet beardies. 

Which Spiders Can I feed My Bearded Dragons?

It is always advisable never to feed the pet beardies with spiders. However, spiders consist of some nutritional values for bearded dragons. Pet owners should note a few things about the spiders, which to feed and which to not! Here is a list of spiders that bearded dragons can eat:

House Spiders 

House spiders are small-sized spiders found most commonly in houses and contain no poison for bearded dragons. And pet beardies can feed on them, and you will not have to worry about their health issues and getting poisoned. 

Jumping Spiders 

Jumping spiders are other spiders that pet bearded dragons can eat without fear of getting poisoned. However, if beardies consume jumping spiders daily, they may suffer some harmful health issues. Pet owners should avoid serving their beardies with jumping spiders. 

5 Toxic Spiders Not to Feed to Your Bearded Dragon

Apart from the non-toxic spiders roaming in the house, there are a lot of spiders that contain poison in them. And they are also so toxic for bearded dragons. A few toxic spiders can roam in the house or space where bearded dragons can reach to eat them. 

1: Hobo Spiders May Lead to Vomiting

They are very poisonous for bearded dragons. Hobo spiders are black and brown. They enter the houses in search of shelters when the winter season starts. One can find them near the doors and windows of their homes. Bearded dragons may reach them and try to feed on them! 

Being bearded dragons feeding on the hobo spiders will directly affect their health. They will start showing negative health consequences such as they will begin to vomiting, pet owners can notice them shaking their legs, and a lot more. 

2: Brown Recluse Causes Death

Another specie of spider that will harm the beardies once they feed on it is a brown recluse. Once these spiders come in contact with the bearded dragons, then it will result in their death! 

3: Yellow Sac Spider May Cause Difficulty in Breathing

Yellow sac spiders are another toxic spiders that will lead to death if consumed by bearded dragons. Once these spiders get to bite bearded dragons, it will result in dangerous consequences such as difficulty in breathing and even death. 

4: Wolf Spider Leads to Cramps

The sizes of wolf spiders are different depending on the places they exist. Pet owners should always keep their beardies away from this harmful and poisonous. If bearded dragons feed on wolf spiders, they will face breathing issues, cramps, and much more, and these all will lead to death in bearded dragons.

5: Black Widow Spider Makes Body Senseless

As the name says, these toxic and harmful spiders are red in appearance. If black widow spiders bite bearded dragons, it will result in pain, and then that part of the body will become senseless. One can imagine the harm they will result in once bearded dragons feed on them.


So, the answer to can bearded dragons eat spiders is yes. Bearded dragons can eat spiders, and they can feed on spiders till the time spiders are not toxic. Toxic spiders will cause harm to the pet beardies, and they can also be the reason for the death of bearded dragons. So, this is a great responsibility for pet owners to keep their lovely bearded dragons out of the sight of these toxic spiders! 


Can bearded dragons eat daddy’s long legs?

Yes! Bearded can eat daddy’s long legs. And for this, pet owners should not worry about it.

Can I feed my bearded dragon a wolf spider?

No! Bearded dragons should never eat wolf spiders! And pet owners can not feed their bearded dragons with wolf spiders.

What happens if a bearded dragon eats a huntsman spider?

No! Bearded dragons can not feed on huntsman spiders, and they are toxic to pet beardies and will cause them illnesses. And pet owners should worry if their beardies are feeding on these spiders.

Can bearded dragons eat black widows?

No! Black widow spiders are very toxic, and one bearded dragon feeds on black widows, resulting in many health issues for them.

Do bearded dragons eat cicadas?

Bearded dragons love to eat cicadas. And there is no harm if pet beardies are feeding on cicadas.

Would a tarantula kill a bearded dragon?

No! They can never kill bearded dragons! Pet owners should never be worried about this thing.

Can bearded dragons eat house spiders?

Yes! Bearded dragons can eat house spiders. Even if they feed on house spiders, pet owners should not get worried!

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