Can Bearded Dragons Eat Rolly Pollies? 2 Benefits | Full Guide


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Rolly Pollies
31 Oct, 2022

Rolly pollies are tiny, grayish-brown insects, also known as pillbugs or woodlice. These insects roll up into a ball. Whenever they feel they are in danger. They frequently inhabit wet areas like those found behind rocks or in leaf litter. 

Can bearded dragons eat rolly pollies? It is a fascinating question because bearded dragons can almost eat all insects. So can they eat pillbugs? 

Some bearded dragon owners do not recommend feeding rolly pollies to your bearded dragon, and some believe rolly pollies can be part of your pet’s healthy, balanced diet. If you choose to provide rolly pollies to your bearded dragon, it is essential to be aware of the potential risks and take precautions to minimize them.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Rolly Pollies?

Bearded dragons can eat rolly pollies. Rolly pollies or woodlice are not poisonous. However, they are pretty nutritious, containing a good amount of protein, fat, and calcium.

Feeding rolly polly to a bearded dragon is good, but only sometimes. Rolly pollies contain high chitin levels, a substance that bearded dragons cannot digest properly. Feeding too many rolly pollies is harmful, and the excess chitin could cause problems with their digestive system.

It is important to only feed Rollie Pollies to your bearded dragon occasionally as a snack to reduce the risk of these problems.

How Often Can Bearded Dragons Eat Rolly Pollies?

Rolly pollies (aka pillbugs, sowbugs, woodlice, etc.) provide excellent nutrition to a bearded dragon. Therefore, many bearded dragon owners enjoy feeding their beardies rolly pollies. However, the question is how often bearded dragons can eat rolly pollies.

The answer to the following question depends on your bearded dragon’s age, size, and activity level. It’s okay to give your beardie rolly pollies food as a reward once or twice a week. Apart from feeding rolly pollies, make sure to provide other insects to maintain the balance in a bearded dragon’s diet. It is good to feed in moderation to prevent the risk.

2 Benefits of Rolly Pollies for Bearded Dragons

Roly-polies or pill bugs are often found in gardens and forests, and these creatures are a good source of protein and other nutrients for a bearded dragon. The wild bearded dragon’s diet mainly consists of different insects, including rolly pollies and centipedes. Therefore, bearded dragons are also called insectivores.

1: Encourages the Hunting Instinct

Feeding rolly pollies to your bearded dragon can benefit them. Rolly pollies encourage the natural hunting instinct of a bearded dragon.

2: Rich in Protein 

Rolly pollies are a great source of protein and other nutrients, and protein is essential for Immunological Function. Therefore, rolly pollies or pillbugs are a popular food for bearded dragons.

2 Risks of Feeding Rolly Pollies to Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons belong to the omnivore species. These creatures can happily eat plants and meat; their wild diet consists of about 30% plant matter and 70% insects. In the wild bearded dragons eat many insects, including rolly pollies, grasshoppers, etc. 

While rolly pollies are a natural part of a bearded dragon’s diet, they have some benefits and risks associated with feeding them to your pet. 

1: Risk of an Infesting Digestive System

It is essential to take precautions if you feed rolly pollies to your bearded dragon. Rolly pollies are a type of bacteria called Salmonella,  which causes human food poisoning. Rolly pollies can also harbor parasites that could infest your pet’s digestive system. 

2: Risk of Severe Health Problems

Always remember to only purchase rolly pollies from reputable dealers who keep their insects in clean conditions. Check before buying. Feeding wild rolly pollies can harm your beardies’ health. Talking to a veteran about your pet’s safety concerns is a good idea.

How to Feed Rolly Pollies to Your Bearded Dragons

Rolly pollies, also known as pillbugs or woodlice, are often eaten by bearded dragons. In the wild bearded dragons eat rolly pollies because they are a good source of protein for bearded dragons. If you are planning to feed these creatures to your beardie, make sure to follow the tips given below.

Collect it Yourself

Rolly pollies can be easily found in gardens and other areas. If you want to feed rolly pollies to your bearded dragon, make sure you collect them yourself, and it is essential to ensure they are safe for your pet to eat. 

Wash Them Thoroughly

It is an important step. Always remember to wash these creatures thoroughly. After collecting the rolly pollies, wash them properly before feeding them to your bearded dragon. Washing is necessary because they may have been in contact with pesticides or other harmful chemicals.

Cook Before Feeding

Rolly pollies contain bacteria and parasites that harm your bearded dragon. It is not essential, but a good idea to cook the rolly pollies before feeding them to your bearded dragon. Cooking will make sure that any bacteria or parasites that may be present in these creatures are dead.

Put the rolly pollies in a pan of boiling water for a few minutes. After cooking for a few minutes, you can chop them into small pieces before feeding them to your pet.


Now that we know the answer to the question, can bearded dragons eat rolly pollies? We can conclude that bearded dragons can technically eat rolly pollies. However, experts do not advise feeding these creatures to a bearded dragon because rolly pollies are not a part of a bearded dragon’s natural diet, and they may not provide all of the necessary nutrients that a beardie needs. Rolly pollies sometimes carry harmful bacteria or parasites that could make your bearded dragon sick. However, if you decide to feed your bearded dragon rolly pollies, always consult a veterinarian and monitor them closely. Make sure to provide in moderation. 


Can baby bearded dragons eat rolly pollies?

Yes, baby bearded dragons can eat rolly pollies, which are perfectly safe. Still, it would help if you did not give them a bunch of pill bugs because they contain harmful bacteria.

Do bearded dragons like rolly pollies?

Yes, bearded dragons like rolly pollies. In the wild bearded dragons eat various insects, and their natural diet consists of insects, including rolly pollies.

Are rolly pollies safe for beardies?

Rolly pollies contain proteins and other nutrients; however, they also contain harmful bacteria and pesticides. Therefore, feeding in moderation is necessary.

Can bearded dragons eat dead rolly pollies?

Dead rolly pollies do not have as many nutrients as live ones. However, feeding dead rolly pollies will not help your bearded dragon.

Are wild rolly pollies safe for my bearded dragon?

Bearded dragons eat a wide variety of insects, vegetables, and fruit. However, it would help if you never feed your bearded dragon wild-caught rolly pollies. Wild rolly pollies are often found in areas with pesticides or herbicides, and there are chances that they could be carrying parasites.

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