Can Bearded Dragons Eat Radishes? 6 Benefits | Full Guide


can bearded dragons eat radishes
06 Feb, 2023

Radishes are one of the most healthy veggies to consume. But when it comes to feeding radishes to a bearded dragon, can bearded dragons eat radishes? Are radishes beneficial? Pet owners of bearded dragons might have such curious questions running through their minds that they want to serve the best to them and avoid any negative impacts on them. 

Let’s dive deeper to understand if feeding radishes to bearded dragons are good. 

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Radishes? 

Packed with nutrition, radishes can be a good option to feed the bearded dragon, as long as it is not included as a staple diet. Bearded dragons can consume radishes, and they love the taste of this healthy veggie. 

Radishes contain many healthy nutrients like Vitamin B6, Vitamin B9, Vitamin C, Calcium, water content, potassium, fibre, and more. All these essential and healthy elements assist bearded dragons in better digestion, hydration, and muscle function. 

If pet owners will serve radishes to their bearded dragons, it will not help them in better health. So, it is always advised to serve the radishes only once or twice a month to bearded dragons. 

How Often Can Bearded Dragons Eat radishes?

Once or twice is enough! Radishes are annual root veggies and being a member of the cabbage family (cabbage, kale, broccoli, etc.), they are good to feed to bearded dragons.  But if pet owners feed their bearded dragons with a lot of radishes, it will cause them risks of so many diseases. And daily feeding is also not so healthy for bearded dragons plus, bearded dragons will become fed up with it. 

Radishes are annual root veggies, and being a member of the cabbage family (cabbage, kale, broccoli, etc.), there are ample benefits to feeding radishes to bearded dragons. 

To avoid any risks from the consumption of radishes, pet owners should always feed them one or two times a month after cutting the radishes into tiny pieces. And in this way, they can prevent bearded dragons from getting caught with any adverse risks from the consumption of radish. 

6 Benefits of Radishes for Bearded Dragons

1: Water for Hydration 

One of the prime benefits of serving radishes to bearded dragons is that the water content in radishes provides hydration to them. 

If there are some pet owners whose bearded dragons do not like drinking water from the bowls or any other sources, then they can try feeding them radishes. 

2: Calcium to Prevent MBD 

MBD, or Metabolic bone disease, is caused when calcium is deficient in the body and bone deteriorates. Most bearded dragons kept as pets don’t get more sun rays than they will get in the deserts, so the need and requirement for essential nutrients like calcium increases. And so, pet owners should also focus on food items containing calcium and include them in their diet. 

3: Vitamin C work as an Antioxidant 

The requirement of Vitamin C in bearded dragons is a lot more as it assists them in boosting their immune system and provides them immunity that will help them fight against several diseases. 

Vitamin C also plays a prime role in rejuvenating the skin of bearded dragons, as they are known to shed their skin. 

4: Vitamin B for Muscular Function 

Vitamin B6 and B9, found in radishes, are known to assist the function of muscles in bearded dragons, and they are also crucial in processing the central nervous system in them. When bearded dragons consume enough of these vitamins, they can also prevent themselves from hypothiamosis. 

5: Potassium for Smooth Muscle Movements 

Bearded dragons need a smooth movement of muscles in their bodies, and for that, they require potassium. And radishes are rich in potassium, and this essential nutrient is also known to lessen the dangers of Metabolic bone disease in bearded dragons.

6: Fiber for Smooth Digestion 

Fiber is one of the most crucial components to assist in easy and smooth digestion in organisms, and the same goes for bearded dragons. Besides better digestion, fiber is also known to lessen the cancer risks in the intestines of bearded dragons. And also, with the consumption of fiber, diarrhea can be prevented. 

2 Risks of Feeding Radishes to Bearded Dragons

1: Sugar Can Cause Fatty Liver 

One must know all the benefits that are taken after the consumption of radish. But, there are also a few harmful effects if bearded dragons consume radishes a lot. And one of those few risks is fatty liver, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and much more. These risks are all because of the sugar content in radishes. 

2: Goitrogens Cause Thyroid Diseases 

Another element in radish that can cause thyroid disease and several other life-threatening risks is Goitrogen. If pet owners serve radishes to their bearded dragons daily, they decrease the distance between negative impacts and their adorable pets. 

How To Prepare Radishes for Your Bearded Dragons?

Chopping the Large One

The first tip for preparing radishes for bearded dragons is to cut them into perfect sizes so that it is easy for them to consume and digest, or else, if they are served with large pieces, they can face choking issues. 

Add Some Other Veggies 

To add colors and nutrition to the plate, pet owners can add many other healthy fruits and veggies edible by bearded dragons, such as apples, cabbages, sweet potatoes, and many others.


So, the answer to can bearded dragons eat radishes is yes. Now, pet owners must be aware of all the health benefits that bearded dragons can get and any of the harmful effects bearded dragons can get after consuming radishes. That can only happen when pet owners do not keep up with serving the proper amount of radishes to their bearded dragons, and that is just one or two slices for a month. 


Can baby bearded dragons eat radishes?

No! Pet owners should not serve radishes to their baby bearded dragons.

Do bearded dragons like radishes?

Yes! Bearded dragons love the taste of radishes.

Are radishes safe for bearded dragons?

Yes, radishes are safe for bearded dragons until and unless they are consumed in a moderate amount.

How many radishes do you feed your bearded dragons?

Pet owners can serve their bearded dragons one or two slices of radishes a month to avoid negative impacts.

Can bearded dragons eat radish greens?

Yes! Bearded dragons can consume radish green, and they are highly nutritious to consume.

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