Can Bearded Dragons Eat Parsley? 6 Benefits | Full Guide

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Parsley

Bearded dragons are omnivorous creatures and need a diet full of plant and animal-based nutrients. They love eating green vegetables like broccoli, celery, cilantro, etc, and plants; these creatures can eat anything you give them.

But as we all know, not all green foods are healthy for your bearded dragon or humans. As a pet owner, you must maintain a healthy diet for your reptile. While talking about a proper diet, people usually have a question in mind, can a bearded dragon eat parsley?

Parsley is an herb commonly found in many homes. Some people often grow this herb at home on the window or in the garden. It’s common to wonder if parsley has any benefits for a bearded dragon or not. 

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Parsley?

Bearded dragons can eat parsley as it is a good source of vitamins A, C, and K and other nutrients. Parsley is healthy for your bearded dragon’s health, and adding it to your reptile diet is a good idea. Parsley is very rich in water and very low in sugar. 

Parsley low in sugar is an advantage because bearded dragons cannot eat meals having sugar. Food with high sugar can cause obesity, fatty liver disease, diarrhea, and other health issues. It also has high water content, making it an excellent meal for hydrating dragons. 

There are a lot of benefits of parsley for bearded dragons. However, apart from all the benefits, it also has some risks, like MBD. Therefore, feeding in moderation is necessary.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Parsley

How Often Can Bearded Dragons Eat Parsley?

Parsley is suitable for your Bearded dragons. However, Feeding it regularly can cause serious health problems for your reptile. Make sure to feed parsley to your reptile once a week or once a month in small amounts. 

6 Benefits of Parsley for Bearded Dragons

Parsley is known for its healthy ingredients that can be helpful when fed in small amounts. Below are some benefits of parsley for your bearded dragon.

1: Calcium Strengthens the Bones

Parsley contains a good amount of calcium, as 100g of parsley includes 138mg of calcium. Calcium is necessary to strengthen the bones and improve other body functions. Therefore, feeding parsley to your bearded dragon can help prevent the risk of MBD.

2: Vitamins A and C Boost the Immune System

Vitamins A and C are essential nutrients for your bearded dragons. These vitamins boost the immune system and help the body eliminate any free radicals.

3: Protein Helps in Good Growth

Parsley contains protein that is essential for all bearded dragons. Protein helps bearded dragons to grow faster.

4: Sugar-Free Avoids Fatty Liver

Parsley is low in sugar, which is its advantage, as it does not influence weight gain. Feeding parsley to your bearded dragons can help avoid Fatty Liver Disease.

5: Fiber Stabilizes the Digestive Track

Parsley is rich in fiber, as 100gm of parsley contains 3.3g of fiber. It is essential for your bearded dragons because it stabilizes your pet’s digestive tract, and fiber helps prevent diarrhea and constipation from water in the intestines. Apart from all of this, fiber protects your pet from colon cancer.

6: Vitamin K Helps in Blood Clotting

Parsley contains a high amount of Vitamin K, which helps with blood clotting and bone growth. Vitamin K helps calcium find its way to the bone and prevents MBD.

Benefits of Parsley for Bearded Dragons

1 Risk of Feeding Parsley to Bearded Dragons

Parsley can also cause severe problems for your bearded dragons, like other vegetables, and these problems can also be fatal. Remember to feed once or twice a month in moderation.

1: Risk of Metabolic Bone Disease

Like other green plants, parsley also contains oxalates. In parsley, the amount of these oxalates is more than most of the foods you feed to bearded dragons. Always keep in mind feeding your pet in moderation is necessary. Feeding regularly in high amounts can lead to fragile bones and a condition known as metabolic bone disease. 

The metabolic bone disease causes the bones to deteriorate and become weak, which can be fatal for your bearded dragon.

How to Prepare Parsley for Your Bearded Dragons?

Properly feeding your bearded dragon is necessary. Here are some steps you can follow to feed parsley to bearded dragons:

Feed Fresh Parsley

Fresh parsley is necessary for your reptile. Always avoid wilting once; you can feed the ones produced in your garden or bought from the store.

Wash Thoroughly

Wash the plant thoroughly. It will help you get rid of all the impurities and pesticides. 

Finely Chop to Avoid Choking

After washing the parsley, carefully chop the leaves finely. Make sure to cut it into small pieces that your dragon can grab and swallow easily.

Add it to a Bowl of Veggies

You can add it to a bowl of vegetables and fruits, giving a nice flavor and look.

Feed in Moderation

Make sure to feed parsley to your reptile once a week or a month.


Can bearded dragons eat parsley? We hope you got the answer to this question. It might be clear that bearded dragons can safely eat parsley, but feeding them occasionally is beneficial. As you read above, parsley contains vitamins and minerals and has a healthy balance between calcium and phosphorus. Your bearded dragon can eat parsley leaves as well as stems safely. However, feeding in moderation is essential because parsley is harmful as it can cause various diseases.


Can baby bearded dragons eat parsley?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat parsley, which is healthy for them. However, feed them in moderation.

Can bearded dragons eat parsley root?

Bearded dragons can not chew hard things. Therefore it’s good to avoid parsley roots because they have a rough texture, and your reptile can face problems while chewing them. Additionally, Parsley root can cause allergic reactions, anemia, and liver and kidney problems.

Can bearded dragons eat parsley leaves?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat parsley leaves. However, ensure you mix the leaves with other vegetables and never feed them alone.

Can bearded dragons eat parsley flakes?

Bearded dragons can eat parsley leaves but not parsley flakes. It would help if you avoided parsley flakes because they contain added preservatives, which will react negatively with other nutrients.

Can bearded dragons eat parsley stems?

Bearded dragons can eat parsley stems containing minerals and vitamins that can benefit your beloved pet.

Can bearded dragons eat curly parsley?

Curly parsley contains high oxalate content. It would help if you did not give it to animals regularly.

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