Can Bearded Dragons Eat Papaya? 3 Benefits | Full Guide


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Papaya
17 Jan, 2023

A wide range of essential nutrients is needed to maintain health and survive. These nutrients are crucial; one gets it through consuming fruits and vegetables. Papaya is loaded with so many benefits but can humans also serve it to their pets? But can bearded dragons eat papaya?

There might be many questions about this in pet owners’ minds. They may have questions like, what are the key benefits that can be provided to their bearded dragons by consuming papaya, are there also any health risks that can happen by consumption of papaya, and so many other questions. 

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Papaya?

Yes! Bearded dragons can consume papaya, which is considered very healthy for them. A wide range of fruits and vegetables can be eaten by bearded dragons, such as cabbages, apples, oranges, grapes, and even papaya.

Papayas contain many healthy, nutritious elements such as Vitamin C, A, and Calcium, and they all assist in the better growth and health of bearded dragons and their kids. Excess consumption of papayas by bearded dragons is never good and never healthy. 

How Often Can Bearded Dragons Eat papaya?

One time a month or even two times a month is considered to be very healthy for bearded dragons to consume. 

Pet owners are always advised to only serve the papaya to their bearded dragons in small amounts since excess consumption can lead to health issues. Because of the odd ratio of phosphorus and calcium, it is considered very unhealthy for bearded dragons. 

3 Benefits of Papaya for Bearded Dragons

1: High Water Content 

There can be some times when bearded dragons do not drink water. Then pet owners can try papaya and other veggies to enhance the taste.

2: Fiber for the Digestive System 

Fibers are a prime element in any organism’s proper digestion; the same goes for bearded dragons. Papaya has a lot of fiber, which helps in bearded dragons’ healthy digestion. It also assists in bulking up the stool in bearded dragons and then passes them smoothly out of the body. Most bearded dragons do not like eating healthy food items essential for their health and growth.

3: Vitamin C for the Immune System 

Another benefit that is provided to bearded dragons by the consumption of papaya is a stronger immune system. Vitamin C is known to help make the immune system healthy and is also one of the prime nutrients to be provided to bearded dragons for their effective growth and health.

It also assists in keeping the harmful elements away from the organisms that can make them fall sick. When bearded dragons consume papaya, their immune system will get healthier, and they will not fall ill. 

2 Risks of Feeding Papaya to Bearded Dragons

1: High Water Content Causes Diarrhoea 

The amount of water content in papayas is very high, so it is always advised that pet owners should only feed a few papayas to their bearded dragons. Otherwise, it can cause diarrhea and several other issues to bearded dragons. 

2: Phosphorus Causes MBD 

There is a high amount of phosphorus present in papaya that is not considered as healthy for bearded dragons to consume. It affects calcium absorption in bearded dragons, leading to several other harmful diseases. It also can cause metabolic bone problems in them that can also be fatal. 

How to Prepare Papaya for Your Bearded Dragons?

Washing is the Prime Step 

Before feeding any fruits or vegetables to bearded dragons, pet owners must wash those nicely to remove the dirt, bacteria, and other harmful elements.

Organics are Best 

Organic papaya is the best option to feed bearded dragons rather than providing them with organically grown ones.

Small Bites are Always Better 

Pet owners should always remember to chop the papaya before serving it to bearded dragons, or they may choke on it. 

Add Other Veggies and Fruits

Pet owners can also go for the addition of several other vegetables and fruits that are considered as healthy for bearded dragons. 


Pet owners can serve the pieces of papaya to their bearded dragons, which is highly nutritious for them to consume but only in a moderate amount. They can only serve them once or twice a month, or else it can lead to health issues in bearded dragons, including metabolic bone problems.

It has many health benefits if papayas are served moderately to bearded dragons. It can provide several essential elements, such as enough water content, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and fibers.


Can baby bearded dragons eat papaya?

Yes! Babies of bearded dragons can eat papaya, which is very nutritious for them to consume. Pet owners can make small pieces and then serve them to bearded dragons.

Do bearded dragons like papaya?

Yes! Bearded dragons love eating papayas, and pet owners can feed papaya to their bearded dragons.

Is papaya safe for beardies?

Yes! Papaya is very safe for bearded dragons to consume. They also provide so many benefits to bearded dragons.

How much papaya to feed your bearded dragons?

It is always advised to serve them in small amounts, and pet owners can try giving tiny pieces of papaya to bearded dragons.

Can bearded dragons eat papaya Seeds?

Yes! The papaya seeds are edible, bearded dragons can consume them, and pet owners can serve papayas with seeds.

Can bearded dragons eat papaya skin?

Yes, pet owners can feed the skin of papaya to their bearded dragons. That is considered very nutritious for them, like the pulp inside.

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