Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mint? 3 Benefits | Full Guide

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mint

An excellent small packet of cooling sensation is something that everybody enjoys. Mint is a plant that many people add to their meals to make them more tasteful and refreshing. Mint is not limited to enhancing food flavors, it is also used to make your brain freeze. 

People love to eat mint as a staple. However, many pet owners doubt feeding mint to their bearded dragons. But, can a bearded dragon eat mint? Since it is a leaf that can’t drastically affect beardies’ health. To remove this confusion, let’s find out whether bearded dragons can eat mint, its side effects, or its positive effects.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mint?

Yes, Mint is safe for beardies if they consume it in a limited amount. Bearded dragons love mint, and if the amount is high, it can negatively impact the beardie’s life. Mint is available in different species; some are potent to bearded dragons.

Mint is used to enhance the taste of any food. 

It is found that peppermint and spearmint are considered safe for bearded dragons. Apart from taste, mint is nutrient-rich and deemed safe for a diet to a beardie.

Since bearded dragons have high internal body temperature during summertime, feeding mint is the body-cooling option for beardies. However, feeding mint in high quantities can also be allergic, and Mint is enriched with methanol which can irritate sensitive skin and lead to infection.

Otherwise, if the bearded dragon is eating well and doing well, then feed them in a proper count.

How Often Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mint?

Feeding 2-3 leaves per day will be considered safe for the animal. Offering mint will not hamper the growth of a bearded dragon as long as the bearded dragon is not showing any side effects. 

Adding a small amount of mint along with other veggies will be considerable and healthy for the animal. Mint leaves go well with other green vegetables and in salads. That’s why it is preferred to add every possible veggie in their meals. 

Bearded dragons are omnivorous animals, so they need an adequate amount of fruits and vegetables along with some portion of meat to make a balanced diet. Normally, humans can eat mint as a refreshment in any amount. For bearded dragons, there must be a fixed amount for feeding beardies.

Mints do not possess any nutritional value, but they improve the metabolism and appetite of the animal. 

Mints also contain Methanol in very high amounts, which is not beneficial for bearded dragons. The reaction of methanol with other elements can cause poison, so it is better to feed in limited quantities to prevent various health issues like obesity, kidney problems, heart failure, tooth decay, and many more diseases.

No pet owners want to see their pets going through such painful diseases, which can stunt their growth. For proper development, adding mint must be proportional to 2:1 means adding two times the other veggies with half the amount of mint.

So, it is good that all bearded dragon owners limit the count of mint in their diet.

3 Benefits of Mints for Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons can eat mint in limited quantities to enhance their taste and lower their body temperature. Still, pet owners must be aware of the mint count intake because it can trigger the digestive system of the animal. Some benefits are as follows:

1: Iron Transports Oxygen

Mint leaves are known to have a good amount of iron. The presence of iron in mint leaves helps in the proper transportation of oxygen through other body parts. Iron present in mint builds up in the body since bearded dragons don’t have lungs like humans and other animals. So they need to carry oxygen throughout their body cells such that they function correctly. It directly helps in the healthy run.

Besides iron, mints contain other vital nutrients such as vitamins, water, and fiber that help in digestion.

2: Minerals and Vitamins Build Up the Body

Though mint leaves contain a range of vitamins, their count is almost nil. It also has various nutritional benefits in fulfilling the body’s needs. The presence of vitamin C in oranges, kiwis, and cherries prevents the animal from succumbing to any disease. It also improves digestion, as mints are greens that contain some fiber.

Several vitamins that are present in mint are:

  • Vitamin A: Helps in the vision, growth, and development of a bearded dragon. Also, it is essential to maintain the reproduction ability too.
  • Vitamin C: Helps in healing wounds and improves muscle growth.

3: Calcium Improves Bone Strength

Calcium is a vital nutrient that is responsible for maintaining the strength of bones and teeth. A lack of calcium leads to bone weakness which can cause fractures even after a mild attack. It also helps in the prevention of stunted growth due to a lack of calcium.

These are the benefits of feeding mint to beardies.

2 Risks Of Feeding Mints to Bearded Dragons

Apart from having benefits, there are some risks associated with feeding mint leaves to bearded dragons. It is always suggested to add the leaves in a limited quantity to ensure the safety of the animal. Mints contain a high amount of methanol, which can react together with other elements and cause diarrhea in bearded dragons.

1: Mint Leaves Trigger GERD

Mint leaves contain peppermint oil which has the potential to trigger GERD. GERD is a gastroesophageal disease that can cause heartburn. Due to this, the animal might die. Peppermint is potentially problematic and can cause mishappenings.

2: Water Causes Diarrhea

Mint leaves are 85% water-based and can become harmful if fed in high quantities. The higher amount of water reduces the absorption of other vital nutrients that reduce an organism’s growth. Such failure of absorption of essential nutrients causes obesity and metabolic bone disease. So, it is better to feed mint leaves twice a month.

Experimenting is not a good idea as it can cause health issues for the bearded dragon.

How to Prepare Mint for Your Bearded Dragons?

For feeding mint leaves, an owner should treat them as a treat. Every animal is different and has different eating patterns, while others do not. So, the following are the steps that should be kept in mind before feeding.

Buy Organic Food Items

Mint leaves are exclusively available fresh and sometimes in packed form. Feeding fresh items has benefits on the health of an organism instead of feeding packed food items. If someone wants to provide, try to feed organic ones without worrying about consequences.

Remove Chemicals by Washing

Insects usually feed on grasses and plant-based vegetables mostly. So to reduce any chances of diseases, always wash the fruits and vegetables to remove chemicals/pesticides along with minute insects as they can cause any casualty. A high intake of chemicals and pesticides can kill your pet.

Mix With Other Veggies

Only feeding mint leaves will not be beneficial to bearded dragons since they possess almost zero nutritional value. Instead, the feeder can add other vegetables, such as cabbage and spinach, to enhance the taste with some nutrition. It can become potentially harmful to eat, and they contain methanol and peppermint oil which directly promotes acidity that can kill. It is good to add other food items before feeding the beardies, as only mint can become hazardous for them.


So, the answer to the query of can bearded dragons eats mint or not is yes. Bearded dragons can eat mint leaves, but in moderation, we can conclude that bearded dragons can eat mint. Mint leaves have various side effects, like diarrhea and GERD. Protecting and feeding animals according to their metabolism is important because not everything is favorable for the animal to digest. It is a must to research before feeding instead of feeding anything available in stock!


Can baby bearded dragons eat mint?

Yes, baby beardies can also eat mint leaves but in small amounts.

Do bearded dragons like mint?

Bearded dragons are witty animals such that they choose to eat whatever they like. Liking or disliking varies with every beardie.

Is mint safe for beardies?

Bearded dragons shouldn’t eat mint in high quantities as they can cause diarrhea. Mint is safe for the bearded dragon but in moderation.

How much mint to feed bearded dragons?

For not getting any side effects, feeding 2-3 leaves per day will be considered safe for the animal.

Can bearded dragons eat mint leaves?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat mint leaves as a refreshment instead of as a staple.

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