Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mealworm Beetles? 4 Benefits | Full Guide

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mealworm Beetles

Pet owners are always concerned about their bearded dragons and look for food items to make their adorable beardies healthy and happy. It is very significant for pet owners to serve their bearded dragons balanced, nutritious food. Apart from this, it is also crucial to feed them different food items so that beardies don’t get bored! 

The common question for every pet owner is, can bearded dragons eat mealworm beetles? Feeding bearded dragons with mealworm beetles is safe and nutritious. 

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mealworm Beetles?

Yes! Bearded dragons can eat mealworm beetles. Mealworm beetles have always been problematic for humans, but they will be a great treat for bearded dragons. Pet owners can even use mealworm beetles as supplements to serve their pet bearded dragons. 

Mealworm beetles are a great source of nutritious elements. However, there are certain things that pet owners should take care of. It’s always good to purchase these beetles from a reliable and trustworthy source. And ensure to feed their bearded dragons with a normal amount of mealworm beetles, as overfeeding can create certain health problems. 

How Often Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mealworm beetles?

Pet owners should always feed their bearded dragons with only five or six of the mealworm beetles. The bearded dragon of 18 months should be offered mealworm beetles with a gap of 2 or 3 days. 

4 Benefits of Mealworm Beetles for Bearded Dragons

1: High Amount of Proteins for Growth 

The consumption of protein is crucial for bearded dragons in their growth phase. It is also significant for the overall development of bearded dragons. And the levels of protein can be achieved through the mealworm beetles. So, pet owners can feed their adorable pet beardies with protein-rich mealworm beetles. In addition, earthworms and superworms are also good for pet dragons.

2: Low Sodium to Avoid Heart Issues 

The high levels of sodium can result in various health issues, such as heart issues in bearded dragons and high blood pressure. But mealworm beetles do not contain sodium in high levels that will harm bearded dragons in any way! Therefore, mealworm beetles can be a healthy food item for bearded dragons.

3: High Levels of Fats Assist in the Liver’s Good Health

To keep the liver healthy in bearded dragons, they must consume fat. And like ants, mealworm beetles contain an abundance of fat, making them a great meal for pet bearded dragons.

4: High Fiber for No Constipation 

Constipation can be very problematic for anyone, and when it comes to pet bearded dragons, they are not even able to convey their problems! So, to keep them healthy and happy, pet owners can provide them with good food and nutrients. Mealworm beetles pass all these checklists, so they are a good option for bearded dragons. 

2 Risks of Feeding Mealworm Beetles to Bearded Dragons

1: Too Much Can Cause Obesity 

Feeding bearded dragons with many mealworm beetles may make them suffer from obesity. So, it’s necessary to avoid feeding bearded dragons with many mealworm beetles. 

Obesity eventually leads to several other issues, such as liver, heart, digestive problems, and much more. 

2: Too Much can Create Digestive Issues 

Mealworm beetles have a thick outer layer, and bearded dragons have to eat the whole. Pet owners feeding their bearded pet dragons a lot of mealworm beetles will create a problem for their digestive system. And eventually, they will suffer from other problems too.

How to Feed Mealworm Beetles to Your Bearded Dragons?

Feeding in a Bowl is a Good Idea 

Mealworm beetles can get out of the plate or any utensil with which bearded dragons are served. So, it is a good option to feed them in a bowl that is shallow in structure so that mealworm beetles won’t come out of it. And also, it is quite comfortable for bearded dragons to eat in it. 

Feeding With Fresh Mealworm Beetles 

Pet owners should always try to find and get fresh mealworm beetles. Serving them fresh food items is to provide them with nutritional content.  

Never Consider Mealworm Beetles as the Main Supplement 

Being a pet owner of a bearded dragon, it is a great responsibility on them to feed them good food. Mealworm beetles can never replace the main food, and pet owners should never do that! However, they can try mixing mealworm beetles and other nutritious fruits or veggies. It will also enhance the nutrient intake of pet bearded dragons. 

Never Try to Overfeed

Overfeeding is never a good idea for bearded dragons! Otherwise, it will make them fat in a very unhealthy way. And this will lead to several other problems too. Again, mixing can be done with various other insects or plant products. 


Mealworm beetles are black-colored adults of mealworms. The adult phase in mealworm beetles appears after they pass from the phase of being in the pupal case. But can bearded dragons eat mealworm beetles? Mealworm beetles are highly rich in certain nutrients, such as calcium and phosphorus. These nutrients are too healthy and essential for bearded dragons to consume. Pet owners can serve their pet bearded dragons with mealworm beetles.


Can baby bearded dragons eat mealworm beetles?

Baby bearded dragons who are under 18 months old can not eat Mealworm beetles. So, pet owners should never feed their baby pet beardies with these insects.

Do bearded dragons like mealworm beetles?

Yes! Bearded dragons love the taste of mealworm beetles. Pet owners can feed their pet bearded dragons with Mealworm beetles.

Are mealworm beetles safe for beardies?

Yes! Mealworm beetles are entirely safe, healthy, and nutritious for bearded dragons. Bearded dragons also love these.

Can bearded dragons eat dead mealworm beetles?

Pet owners should mostly avoid their adorable pet beardies with dead mealworm beetles.

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