Can Bearded Dragons Eat Fish? Full Guide


can bearded dragons eat fish
20 Oct, 2022

If you are looking for a healthier diet containing vitamins and minerals, there is no alternative to fish. Fish contains a good amount of vitamins and minerals and has omega3 fatty acids. Yes, it is beneficial for the human diet. But what about pets or pets like bearded dragons?

Bearded dragons are one of the small pets that you can have. The reptile’s digestive system is too sensitive, like other animals. So, their diet should contain the required vitamins and minerals. 

There are differences between pet bearded dragons and wild bearded dragons, and their eating preferences also differ. But can bearded dragons eat fish? This question might occur in your mind when you keep fish at your dining table. Fish is not a good option for bearded dragons. Here you will get all your answers regarding this topic. 

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Fish?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat fish, but it’s not good for them to consume. It means they do not deny eating fish. But they should not eat fish as it contains so many harmful elements. 

Fishes have a good quantity of protein, vitamins, and minerals. It is one of the most beneficial foods for the human body. But you should not feed fish to your beardie, as too much protein harms your beardie. Above all, most fishes contain parasites that cause severe illness in your pet’s body. 

Further, if you want, you include fish in the bearded dragon’s diet in a small quantity once a month. But there is no need to play with risk! 

So, keeping a distance from fish to feed your beardie is the best choice. You have various other options to provide the required nutrients for a beardie. 

Why Can’t Bearded Dragons Eat Fish?

The parasites’ side effects and other illnesses occur when you feed fish to your pet dragon. Naturally, bearded dragons eat insects, plants, or other non-veg foods. But fishes and even chickens are not safe for them, and they find fish tasty, as some wild beardies have seen eating fish. But as you have a pet bearded dragon, you must know the accurate diet of your pet. 

Raw fish and cooked, canned or frozen fish are also harmful to your beardie. 

So, here are some significant reasons why you should keep away from feeding fish to your small pet. 

Parasites and Other Bacterias 

Most fishes contain parasites and other harmful bacteria and germs. If your beardie eats raw fish, they will get sick due to those bad actors. Though a small quantity does not impact, the small reptiles are negatively affected in most cases. 

Bones or Spines Cause Choking and Other Severe Issues

When we get fish in our diet, the soft bones or the spines are the common elements, and we even feel irritated when those bones bother us during eating. Now, your reptile friend is very small, and their digestive systems are smaller than theirs. So, it is your responsibility to take care of them.

Bones are not only the reason for irritation but also cause problems like gut impaction, internal injury, choking and digestive issues. So, it is better not to feed fish to your beardie. 

High Protein Causes Severe Issues Like Heart Failure 

Fish is one of the best sources of protein. Human’s best option is fish protein, which contains a high amount of protein. But for your small friend, it could negatively affect you. High protein consumption causes health issues like diabetes, obesity, liver disease, and in severe cases, even heart failure. Though a small amount does not harm your pet, it is not expected that you’ll take any risk for your friend! Although, you can feed half scrambled egg to your adult beardie to fulfill the protein requirement.

Thiaminase Blocks The Absorption of Thiamine (B1)

Goldfish and minnows are known as feeder fishes. Mainly goldfish contain an enzyme called thiaminase. When thiaminase enters your pet’s body, it blocks the absorption of thiamine or vitamin B1. 

Vitamin B1 produces energy for your beardie’s body; if they cannot absorb the vitamin, they will no longer act energetic. In addition, the deficiency of B1 may cause other issues also.  

Fat Causes Obesity 

Fishes have a good amount of fat, which is necessary for other living beings like humans and pets such as cats, dogs, etc. But it is not safe for your pet beardie. For wild bearded dragons, as they exercise through different activities, they are not impacted much. But your pet beardie could suffer from obesity because of the fatty elements. 

Beardies’ Digestive Systems Are for Different Foods

Every animal’s organs work differently. Animals’ digestive systems are different from humans. And for your little beardie, the organs are smaller and more sensitive. Beardies’ digestive systems are created in such a manner they can digest plants, insects, and arthropods. So, they are not fine after having meat or fish. 

Fish Contains more Phosphorus Than Calcium 

Fish or meat has a good quantity of phosphorus, greater than calcium. Calcium is one of the crucial nutrients for your beardies development and health. So, consuming fish or meat could cause calcium deficiency in your pet’s body, leading to skeletal or muscle issues


After getting all the probable consequences, you may not look forward to feeding fish to your beardie. Now, you will not think about the question, can bearded dragons eat fish? After all, there is no pressure to feed them food, and you can choose other beneficial foods instead. 

You should remember that your pet’s stomach is tiny, and its consumption quantity is also small. So, you don’t need to waste your time feeding them unnecessary stuff. Do not confuse your human family member’s diet with your pet’s. They need their required vitamins and minerals for a healthy lifestyle, and the quantity is very small and affordable. 


Do bearded dragons eat fish in the wild?

Yes, wild bearded dragons choose fish to eat very rarely.

Can bearded dragons eat cooked fish?

They should not eat various fish like cooked, raw, canned, or frozen.

Can bearded dragons eat goldfish?

No, because goldfish block the absorption of vitamin B1.

Can bearded dragons eat feeder fish?

Most feeder fish contain parasites. Your beardie should not have it.

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