Can Bearded Dragons Eat Chicken? 6 Risks | Full Guide


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Chicken
13 Jan, 2023

Do you have questions like, can bearded dragons eat meat as well? What kind of meat should pet owners feed if feeding meat is good for their bodies?

Chicken is a very healthy food item for humans and even animals, and it is known to have abundant protein and many other healthy nutrients. Consuming chicken is also known to release good hormones in the brain, and it also assists in losing weight, growth of the body, and much more. 

Pet owners of bearded dragons have many questions regarding this, such as can bearded dragons eat chicken? Is it healthy for bearded dragons to consume? If chicken is not healthy for bearded dragons, what consequences can be faced when bearded dragons consume chicken and many more? 

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Chicken?

No, chicken can be healthy for pet owners, but it is very unhealthy for their bearded dragons, and pet owners should always ensure that they are not feeding their bearded dragons chicken. 

Chicken is full of healthy nutrients and is known as a healthy meal for people and even some pets, but when it comes to bearded dragons. Pet owners can go for other food items known to be healthy for bearded dragons that provide nutrients to their bodies.

Those food items are watermelon, apples, grapes, silkworms, domestic sick moths, roaches, waxworms, mealworms, and many more. There are so many reasons why pet owners should always avoid feeding chicken as a food item to their bearded dragons. 

There can be times when pet owners are eating chicken, and they want to slide a small piece of chicken to their bearded dragons, but pet owners should avoid this thing even if they want so badly to let their bearded dragons eat the chicken. No one ever wants their adorable pets to get sick after consuming something, and the same goes for the pet owners of bearded dragons. 

6 Risks of Feeding Chicken to Bearded Dragons 

1: High Water Content may Cause Diarrhea

A very high level of water in the bodies of bearded dragons is not considered healthy. If they consume chicken, the level of water rises, and that will result in causing them diarrhea. It can also cause other digestive problems in bearded dragons. 

2: High-Fat Content Cause Health Issues

Chicken is known to have a lot of fat, which is not considered healthy for bearded dragons. Bearded dragons do not require this amount of fat; when fed chicken, the fat level rises, which is very unhealthy. 

Fat is not considered healthy for bearded dragons because bearded dragons are not known to do any physical activities that require a lot of energy. That amount of fat remains unused and results in several health issues. It also causes bearded dragons to be overweight, leading to other health problems. 

3: Excess Protein May Harm

No doubt, protein is very healthy for bearded dragons. It helps bearded dragons in their growth and a lot more. But, if bearded dragons are fed with protein daily, it will only harm them by causing them health problems. And chicken is known to have a lot of protein. The only protein source that is considered to be healthy and good for bearded dragons is insects. 

Chicken consists of a lot of protein that is not digestible for bearded dragons, and they won’t be able to handle that amount of protein. 

4: Excessive Phosphorus Prevent Calcium Absorption

Phosphorus is known to be healthy for bearded dragons but only in a limited amount. Excess phosphorus will only result in health issues for bearded dragons and won’t be healthy. Chicken is known to consist of a high amount of protein, and when pet owners feed their bearded dragons chicken, the bodies of bearded dragons cannot absorb the calcium, which is very harmful to them. 

A lack of calcium reabsorption in bearded dragons can also cause metabolic bone diseases in bearded dragons, leading to numerous other diseases. 

5: Bacterias May Cause Poisoning

Yes, consuming chicken can also lead to poisoning in bearded dragons, and pet owners should always avoid feeding chicken to their bearded dragons. Raw chickens have salmonella, E.coli, and many more, which can lead to infections and poisoning in bearded dragons. 

6: High Calcium to Phosphorus Ratio May Cause MBD

There is a very high amount of calcium to phosphorus levels in chicken, which is not considered healthy for bearded dragons. This ratio of calcium and phosphorus in chicken can lead to metabolic bone problems in bearded dragons. 


Chicken consists of many elements that are not considered healthy for bearded dragons. Pet owners must be wondering why, when their bearded dragons are omnivores, can bearded dragons eat chicken. There are many reasons why chicken is considered very unhealthy for bearded dragons. 

The ratio of calcium to phosphorus in chicken is not known to be healthy for bearded dragons. Instead, it can lead to metabolic bone disease in bearded dragons and many more. Chicken also consists of high fat that can never be tolerated by bearded dragons and can make them overweight, eventually leading to many health problems. 

Consuming chicken will only cause bearded dragons to fall ill and harm them, so don’t feed them and take risks.

Can baby bearded dragons eat chicken?

No, chickens are not good for baby bearded dragons, and pet owners should never serve their baby bearded dragons chicken.

Is chicken bad for bearded dragons?

No, bearded dragons should not eat chicken, which is not considered healthy.

Can bearded dragons eat chicken sometimes?

Yes! A small piece of chicken is not considered bad and is unhealthy for bearded dragons.

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