Can Bearded Dragons Eat Centipedes? 3 Risks | Full Guide

Can bearded dragons eat centipedes

There are a lot many individuals who want to have bearded dragons as their pets. Beardies are one of the most adorable pets to own. However, pet owners must also care for and keep them healthy and happy. They must feed their bearded pet dragons good food and a healthy environment. 

However, pet owners should never try to feed their bearded pet dragons with centipedes when they are not aware of things about centipedes. If pet owners do not know whether the centipedes they are feeding to their adorable pet beardies are toxic or not, then they should avoid feeding them. It is a write-up that will make the pet owners know about this. 

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Centipedes? 

No! Bearded dragons should not eat centipedes. Pet owners should be cautious because many species of centipedes are extremely poisonous to bearded pet dragons. Since they contain dangerous parasites, pet owners should never feed their bearded pet dragons with wild centipedes. 

Also, pet owners should avoid serving their bearded pet dragons with dead centipedes as they are known to be very dangerous and fatal to bearded dragons. However, there are a few non-toxic centipedes that pet owners can select to feed their bearded dragons. Apart from feeding centipedes to beardies, pet owners can feed their pet beardies with cicadas, slugs, maggots, and many more. 

There can be times when bearded pet dragons try to eat insects they find inside the house or anywhere. And there are a lot of chances when these bearded dragons come in contact with these centipedes! If they come in contact with wild centipedes, then these centipedes may sting pet beardies, and they can also be poisonous to them. 

If bearded dragons are not stung by the centipedes, they come in contact with them at their homes; then pet owners can let them eat one or even two of those centipedes. But pet owners should not let them eat more of those. Or else, it can also be fatal to adorable pet bearded dragons, and no pet owners want this even in their dreams!

If pet beardies have consumed the poisonous centipedes, then pet owners should make them eat the activated charcoal, and this will help them a lot and save them from worse results due to those poisonous centipedes. 

What Kind of Centipedes Can Bearded Dragons Eat?

Generally, it is always advised not to feed the pet bearded dragons with Centipedes. However, some centipedes don’t harm the beardies much, and also, they don’t sting. 

Pet owners should always go for the house centipedes as they are mostly non-toxic. And they should never try to feed their adorable pet bearded dragons with the wild centipedes.

3 Risks of Feeding Centipedes to Bearded Dragons

1: Low in Protein 

Centipedes consist of a very low amount of protein. And food containing low amounts of protein is not suitable for bearded pet dragons. Protein-enriched foods are very significant for beardies for their growth and their development. And because of all this, centipedes are not a good option for adult and baby bearded dragons.

2: Can Cause Metabolic Bone Disease 

Centipedes will not fulfill the need for nutrients for bearded dragons, and if they lack them, beardies will not grow properly. And they are going to suffer from metabolic bone disease. 

3: Poisonous for Beardies 

The most significant point that makes the centipede a toxic and unfit dish for bearded pet dragons is its poisonous nature. There is a majority of pet owners not able to distinguish between toxic centipedes and non-toxic centipedes. 


After knowing everything about can bearded dragons eat centipedes, we can conclude that bearded dragons can feed on centipedes, but there are only selected options for centipedes that are not poisonous for bearded pet dragons. Pet owners should always be cautious and knowledgeable about centipedes. The centipedes found in houses are known to be less toxic than the wild ones. Pet owners have to be careful with these while feeding their bearded pet dragons. 


Can baby bearded dragons eat centipedes?

No! Bearded dragons will not love eating centipedes, and pet owners should never feed their baby bearded dragons with centipedes.

Are centipedes safe for beardies?

Yes! Some centipedes are safe for bearded pet dragons, and pet owners can feed those centipedes to their bearded pet dragons.

Can bearded dragons eat dead centipedes?

No! Pet bearded dragons can never feed on dead centipedes. Since dead centipedes are fatal to bearded dragons, pet owners should never serve their berries with these!

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