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can bearded dragons eat cabbage
10 Oct, 2022

Cabbage is a name that might not be very appealing to everyone. However, this versatile vegetable is born with a good composition of vitamins K and C. Getting a good energy source with a perfect blend of vitamins and various vital nutrients required for the growth of an organism. Cabbage is known to have a high amount of Vitamin C, which has made cabbage fight against scurvy. 

Today the usage of cabbage is so much that people use it in salads and various kinds of meals. Cabbage is included in diet meals as its composition is perfect for reducing weight and maintaining the level of nutrients in the body. Cabbage has a good place in the kitchen as a versatile veggie, making it one of the best vegetables if prepared with plenty of spices. But do you know that cabbage can be a meal for bearded dragons? Can bearded dragons eat cabbage? Let’s find the answer to this query.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cabbage?

Bearded dragons can eat cabbage with no issues or health problems. Cabbages are rich in calcium which is very good for the formation of bones and vitamins low amount of calories and less water make it a perfect blend of vital nutrients for the proper growth of bearded dragons. Feeding cabbage to bearded dragons is a decent idea since it maintains body weight and provides energy which makes the dragon active and develops their minds. So, adding cabbage to the dragon’s diet is an appreciative idea. The answer to the question of can bearded dragons eat cabbage depends upon the variety of the cabbage the feeder feeds.

The main thing to be kept in mind is that all types of cabbages are not suitable for the health of beardies. There are six cabbages available: green cabbage, red/purple cabbage, white cabbage, savoy cabbage, Chinese cabbage (also known as napa cabbage), and bok choy. According to the feeding guidelines, cabbage contains goitrogens which tend to upset the stomach of dragons if taken in high amounts. 

So, to feed dragons cabbage, it is suggested to give red/purple cabbage since they are low in goitrogens and are healthy.

Since, Bearded dragons are omnivores animals that need to eat meat, fruits, and vegetables. Feeding guidelines have mentioned that the dragons need to eat meals that have 70% animal-source and the rest 30% plant-sourced. So, it is crucial to maintain the count while feeding beardies. A feeder must consult the doctor for a balanced diet chart for the lizards, as nobody knows what things upset the stomachs until the beardies show any negative signs.

How Often Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cabbage?

Bearded dragons can eat cabbage every day; however, it depends on their diet schedule whether there are no foods rich in goitrogens. Firstly, the feeder must look into the observation after feeding the cabbage.

Feeding of cabbages must be in small-bite-size portions to the beardies so they can digest and observe them for 24 hours. If the dragon is not showing any unfavorable signs, feed them daily. Otherwise, consult the doctor for the same. If there is no sign, the feeder is free to give them daily.

What Types of Cabbage Bearded Dragons Can Eat?

As already mentioned, the red/purple cabbage is perfect for beardies to eat. Feeding a cabbage must be considered because of goitrogens. If the cabbage has more composition of goitrogens, it will upset the stomach and digestion of the bearded dragons. There are six types of cabbages available in the market. Out of the six types of cabbages, red/purple cabbage is best because it is nutrient-dense and rich in vital nutrients and vitamin c that is crucial for the dragon’s health.

Cabbages are a healthy version and sufficient for feeding beardies. However, if the feeder doesn’t give proper attention to food, they feed it will cause casualties. So, a precise knowledge of food must be there before giving any food to the beardies.

3 Benefits of Cabbage for Bearded Dragons

There are many benefits of feeding cabbages to dragons. Eating cabbage is directly related to health benefits, and the risk depends upon the cabbage type they eat. 

1: Fiber Smoothens Digestion

Leafy vegetables are rich in fibers which maintain and improve digestion in the body of an organism. Cabbage being a leafy vegetable, is super rich in fiber content. Dietary fibers are a must since they help to promote bowel movement and healthy digestion. Not only improves digestion, but these fibers also help to control blood pressure levels, cholesterol, and a healthy heart. Savoy cabbages are rich in fiber. However, this cabbage is not best for the bearded dragon’s health.

2: Healthy Treat for Beardies

Cabbage is the perfect example of a healthy treat because it is cholesterol free, low in fats, sugars, and sodium, and has almost zero calories. Apart from cabbages, other veggies like butternut squash, green beans and peas are healthy. All the cabbage has these features that make them a perfect fit for snacks, and the crunchiness of leaves makes the vegetable the best food to eat.

You must notice that feeding cabbage all the time is not healthy because the count of sugars in the body must be in the range. A low count in the body will be harmful as it will cause low Blood pressure and low calories. So, adding some fruits and other vegetables with some meat can be a decent idea.

3: Perfect Source of Hydration

Leafy vegetables like spinach and lettuce compose water in them. It makes them fit for easy digestion and maintains the hydration level inside the body as it satisfies the need for water for beardies. Leafy vegetables are composed of 90% water in them. It completes the hydration level in bearded dragons.

Why Not Feed Cabbages to Beardies Every Time?

The point to stop feeding cabbages to bearded dragons is when they show unfavorable signs such as spitting or not eating enough. If allowing beardies to eat cabbages without looking at the consequences, it might kill the dragons. There are various reasons why feeding cabbages not suiting the beardies:

Pesticide Can Harm Them

If the cabbage contains some residue of pesticides, then it will be hard to eat, adversely affecting the metabolism of the dragons, and they might die eventually.

Cabbage Leaves Can Chok Them

Cabbage has sticky leaves which stick on the tongue of bearded dragons causing it hard to gulp. The sticky leaves of cabbage stick on the tongue, making it hard to digest.

How to Prepare Cabbage for Your Bearded Dragons?

Feeding a bearded dragon requires proper shopping for cabbage. Firstly, select fresh and fine-quality of cabbage and then prepare the cabbage.

Remove Pesticides By Washing

Unlike any vegetable or fruit, cabbages are also grown by spraying pesticides and chemicals to avoid damage. Thoroughly wash the cabbage to circumvent any presence of pesticides. Chemicals are prone to destroy the internal organs of any living being. To prevent any casualties, remove them.

Small Pieces for Better Digestion

Make sure to cut the cabbage into small pieces. Raw cabbage is the best alternative for bearded dragons to consume such that it will be perfect for eating, and small pieces can be gulped easily and maintain digestion.

Clean After Eating

After providing enough to the dragons, remove the uneaten pieces, as they will cause bacterial infections in the living area. Remove all the uneaten pieces as soon as possible because they can produce harmful bacteria.


After looking at all the pros and cons of cabbages and their benefits, we have the answer can bearded dragons eat cabbage? 

Cabbage is the perfect food for bearded dragons. It will not only help them in gaining all the vital nutrients but will also help in building proper body weight.

Bearded dragons are free to enjoy the tasty cabbage, yet moderation is the sole key to balanced health. A preferable cabbage is the only thing required for nourishing the beardies.


Can baby bearded dragons eat cabbage?

Generally, a cabbage must have a phosphorus-to-calcium ratio of 1:1 to 2:1. Otherwise, it is advised not to give only cabbage as a portion of food to baby beardies.

How much cabbage can bearded dragons eat?

Beardies can eat cabbage in modest amounts but in moderation.

Can bearded dragons eat red cabbage?

Yes, red cabbages are the best to eat out of six varieties of cabbages since they are low in goitrogens. A low density of calories is good for the health of beardies.

Can bearded dragons eat green cabbage?

Green cabbages are also good, but it is crucial to notice the intake count of goitrogens in other foods. It must maintain the level of goitrogens in food while intaking.

Can bearded dragons eat savoy cabbage?

No, savoy cabbage is acidic and has a high level of goitrogen; that’s why it is not suitable for bearded dragons to consume.

Can bearded dragons eat napa cabbage?

Napa cabbage is a good source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, fiber, and phosphorus. It is also calcium-rich. But it must be given in once a week for safety.

Can bearded dragons eat cabbage leaves?

Yes, Cabbage leaves are good to have as it contains many vital nutrients required for the health and development of beardies. So, eating cabbage leaves is a good idea.

Can bearded dragons eat cabbage stalks?

No, cabbage stalks are not suitable for bearded dragons to eat since they are difficult to digest, and it is better to give only leaves rather than cabbage stalks.

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