Can Bearded Dragons Eat Arugula? 5 Benefits | Full Guide

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Arugula

Arugula is also known as a rocket in several places, and arugula comes from the exact family broccoli comes from. Several people consume arugula as a salad, consisting of several tiny leaves. The taste of arugula is nothing but a bit spicy and pepper-like. People also use arugula leaves in various dishes to add a specific flavor to them and enhance their taste.

But the question arises, are arugula leaves just consumed for their delicious taste, or does it also have any nutritional value? Yes! Arugula has several nutritional elements in it that assist in maintaining good health of anyone. Readers may think that arugula leaves are healthy for people, but are they equally healthy for bearded dragons? And can bearded dragons eat arugula? Bearded dragons can feed on arugula leaves, which are also healthy. 

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Arugula?

Yes! Pet owners can serve their pet bearded dragons with arugula, and they maintain pet bearded dragons’ growth, development, and overall health. Just like, celery, brocolli, Arugulas are also very beneficial for bearded dragons. 

However, there are certain points that pet owners should follow when they are thinking of feeding their pet beardies with these leaves. They should never serve in addition to their pet beardies; it will cause a problem for them and make them unhealthy. 

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Arugula

How Often Can Bearded Dragons Eat Arugula?

Pet owners should be aware that even if arugula is very much nutritious for their pet bearded dragons, they should never serve them with those regularly. It won’t add extra nutritious elements to pet beardies, but it will only harm them and create several health issues for them.

Because of all of these reasons, pet owners should limit the amount of arugula they will be serving to their pet bearded dragons, but they should also avoid feeding those as the main meal. Pet owners should also maintain a gap in serving their adorable beardies with arugula. 

5 Benefits of Arugula for Bearded Dragons 

1: Calcium for Growth 

To grow and develop, pet bearded dragons require calcium. Bearded dragons are the prime source of calcium, and calcium is also very significant for the strength of the bones of beardies. 

If pet bearded dragons do not consume calcium, they will suffer from various health issues such as weak bones, poor growth, and much more. 

2: Potassium to Maintain the Blood Pressure 

Another benefit that arugula provides to pet beardies is enriching their bodies with potassium. Potassium is known to maintain the blood pressure of bearded dragons, which eventually keeps them away from many diseases. 

3: Water Content to Maintain the Hydration 

Arugula is rich in water content and is known to maintain the hydration of bearded dragons. Even if bearded dragons are not drinking a lot of water, arugula can be the savior. 

4: Fiber to Improve the Gut 

Fibers are essential in improving the gut’s function in pet bearded dragons, and arugulas are known to be rich in fibers. 

5: Vitamin A, C, and K for Immunity and Much More

Vitamin A is known to help in boosting eye power, and arugula provides this essential vitamin to pet bearded dragons. It also improves the immune system in pet beardies, and vitamin C acts as an antioxidant in pet bearded dragons. Vitamin K is known to clot the blood fast and healthily. 

3 Risks of Feeding Arugula to Bearded Dragons 

1: Leaves Traces of Sugar and Affects the Teeth 

Arugula contains a good amount of sugar, and if pet owners carelessly feed their adorable pet bearded dragons with arugula, it will leave the sugar in their teeth. It will cause harm to bearded dragons. Pet owners can try not to feed their pet beardies regularly with arugula. 

2: High Amounts of Goitrogens Causes Thyroid 

Goitrogens are known to cause thyroid if consumed in an excess amount! And arugula consists of a good amount of goitrogens. Pet owners feeding their pet bearded dragons a lot of arugulas will create various health issues for them, such as thyroid and liver problems.

3: Sulforaphane Can Be Fatal 

Sulforaphane is very harmful to bearded dragons, and arugula consists of sulforaphane. If consumed in excess, it will result in serious health problems for pet bearded dragons. 

How to Feed Arugula to Your Bearded Dragons?

Not Serve it With Other Sugary Food 

Pet owners should never serve their pet bearded dragons with other sugar consisting of food items while serving their pet bearded dragons with arugula.

Should Not Be Served As Staple Food Item 

Bearded dragons are natural omnivores, and they require food items that consist of many proteins. And arugula does not have a lot of proteins in it. For this reason, pet owners should not serve arugula to their pet bearded dragons as a staple food.


Now, after knowing, can bearded dragons eat arugula? We can conclude that pet owners can provide their adorable beardies with highly nutritious arugula. However, things are always healthy only when fed in a normal quantity, and anything served in excess is never healthy for anyone! If pet owners will serve their pet beardies regularly and in excess amounts, it will be a problem for their beardies and make them suffer from various health issues. 


Can baby bearded dragons eat arugula?

Yes! Arugula is highly nutritious for pet bearded dragons to feed on. Be it baby pet bearded dragons or mature pet bearded dragons, and anyone can consume it.

Do bearded dragons like arugula?

Yes! Bearded dragons love arugula, and they are highly nutritious for them. Pet owners should feed their pet beardies with arugula.

Is arugula safe for beardies?

Yes, arugula is safe for pet bearded dragons, and they contain highly nutritious elements for pet bearded dragons.

How much arugula to feed bearded dragons?

In a moderate amount, pet owners should serve their pet bearded dragons with arugula.

Can a baby bearded dragon eat arugula?

Yes! Pet bearded dragons can eat baby arugula, which is very healthy.

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