Bearded Dragon Mouth Open | 5 Reasons

Bearded Dragon Mouth Open

Like any other living individual, bearded dragons can also open their mouths, and most of the time, there is no need to worry for pet owners. However, there are some situations where pet owners should worry about their adorable pet bearded dragons. 

Most of the time, bearded dragons open their mouths to maintain the temperature of their bodies, have a conversation with their fellow dragons, do stretching, and much more. But, there are also sometimes when this can be an alarming situation for pet owners when their pet bearded dragons open their mouths. It can indicate some severe health issues for their adorable bearded dragons. 

It can be a common question among every pet owner of bearded dragons: why do their bearded dragons open their mouths, and when to get concerned? To answer all of this, here are five reasons for bearded dragon mouth open.

5 Reasons Why Bearded Dragons Open Their Mouths?

1: To Regulate the Temperature 

One of the most common reasons for pet bearded dragon mouth open is because they want to regulate the temperature. There is also a term used for this behavior of bearded dragons known as gaping. In gaping, bearded dragons open their mouths and hold them for a time to maintain the temperature of their bodies, and it is very common in beardies.

Pet owners can watch their adorable pet bearded dragons gaping while they are in the sun and enjoying the rays! After some time, bearded dragons will achieve their temperature, and then they will close their mouths.

2: To Stretch the Beards 

The other reason behind the opening of mouths by bearded dragons is that they want to have some stretching in their beards, so they are doing this. And this is so common in every bearded dragon that pet owners should not get concerned about it. 

Every living individual needs some stretching for their bodies to carry on their normal lives and bearded dragons do the same. Pet bearded dragons also need to stretch their muscles, and they do so by opening their mouths. Pet owners will also notice that their bearded dragons are doing this when they are about to shed their skins from their bodies. 

When bearded dragons open their mouths and stretch their beards, the skin all around gets loose, and this helps their skin to shed off easily.

3: They are in Anger 

The other reason for pet bearded dragon mouth open is that they are in an angry mood or maybe even when they are scared of something, someone, or even the environment. 

Pet bearded dragons sometimes open their mouths in defense and fight when angry or even scared. And so, pet owners can watch their adorable beardies doing this act sometimes. Pet owners will also notice sometimes that their pet bearded dragons will hiss in the air while they are going on with the process of opening their mouths. 

To avoid situations where pet bearded dragons don’t feel safe and are scared, pet owners can place their tanks near open spaces so that they don’t feel suffocated and can get fresh air all the time. Pet owners should also note that no other person should irritate their beardies and make them feel unsafe.

4: To Communicate With Other Bearded Dragons

The next reason bearded dragons often open their mouths is that they communicate with other dragons. And just like any normal living organism, they also maintain a conversation among themselves and do so by opening their mouths. 

Pet owners will notice that the bearded dragon, who has a dominating nature and is more powerful than the others, tends to open its mouth more often than other weak bearded dragons. And to avoid these sorts of situations, pet owners should remove one from the other place and away from the other. 

5: They Must Be Having Respiratory Problems

The next reason pet bearded dragons open their mouths is that they may suffer from harmful respiratory problems. And this is why bearded dragons must be doing this. For this, pet owners should get worried about their pet bearded dragons and take them to vets. 

Pet owners can also notice their pet bearded dragons having coughs and sneezing. With all of these, they will be sure that their adorable beardies suffer from health issues and need a vet and medications. 

Reasons Why Bearded Dragons Open Their Mouths

When Should You See a Vet?

Being a pet owner when someone watches their pet bearded dragons opening their mouths very frequently and holding them for a long time is a warning for pet owners. It is when pet owners should visit the vets along with their pet bearded dragons, and then the medication will be done. 

Opening the mouth and holding it can indicate infections; when ignored, it can be very drastic and harmful for bearded dragons. So, it’s better to visit vets soon with their pet bearded dragons.


Watching bearded dragon mouth open or sticking their tongue in the air can be a sight they don’t normally see. However, it is something that pet owners must watch in their daily lives. Some people are concerned about this behavior, but it is normal and nothing to worry about. 

In other animals, an open mouth can be seen as something to be concerned about. Such as in reptiles, this behavior is not considered as anything normal. But, when the question appears, why bearded dragons open their mouths? There are several reasons for it, and none of them are to be worried about. 


Do bearded dragons sleep with their mouths open?

No! In general, bearded dragons do not open their mouths while sleeping, and they open their mouths for many possible reasons, one of which is because they are feeling hot.

Why is my bearded dragon sticking his tongue out?

If pet bearded dragons stick their tongue out, they are checking out their surroundings. Pet owners should not get worried about this!

Do bearded dragons yawn?

Yes! A big yes! Like any other living being, bearded dragons can yawn too!

Why is my bearded dragon opening and closing his mouth?

If pet bearded dragons sometimes open and close their mouths, it simply means they are losing their skins!

Do bearded dragons open their mouths when they are happy?

Yes! Pet owners can experience their adorable pet bearded dragons opening their mouths when they feel delighted and happy!

Is it bad when a bearded dragon opens its mouth?

No! It’s completely normal for a bearded dragon to open its mouth, and pet owners should not worry about the behavior of their adorable pet bearded dragon.

What is gaping in bearded dragons?

There is a behavior of bearded dragons where they open their mouths and sit when the temperature reaches its extreme, which is known to be gaping in bearded dragons.

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