5 Steps for Your Bearded Dragon Bath | Full Guide

Bearded Dragon Bath

Bathing is essential for every living creature and prevents disease, viruses, and bacteria. Just like other animals, bearded dragons also need to bathe. Your bearded dragon bath keeps bearded dragons free from bacteria, parasites, or fungi. 

A lot of owners disagree with bathing the reptile. However, they should know that bearded dragons get many health benefits from bathing. A bath once a week is an excellent way to relax bearded dragons. Bathing helps them feel relaxed, prevents stress, and helps keep their skin hydrated.

Why Do Bearded Dragons Need Baths?

Since bearded dragons love to bask and prefer low humidity, you can see their skin quickly dry up. Regular bathing can help to keep their skin moist and helps them during shedding. Bearded dragons don’t like to drink water from their water dish. Therefore, a bath is an opportunity for them to drink water. 

If your bearded dragon has some digestion issues, a warm bath will help a lot. Bearded dragons need a bath because there are a lot of benefits it gets. Bathing helps them to be refreshed and enthusiastic, and it also helps them to be healthy. Let us read a few reasons why a bearded dragon needs to bathe. 

1: Cleanliness and Hygiene

Cleanliness is necessary for humans as well as animals. If you keep healthy hygiene, it will keep your bearded dragon healthy, and it will keep them away from diseases and maintain mental and physical health. If you bathe your bearded dragon frequently, it will also help it from fungus, parasites, and bacteria.

2: Healthy skin

 It will affect its skin if you do not bathe your bearded dragon. Bathing keeps your bearded dragon’s skin healthy and prevents it from becoming too dry. If the skin gets dry, it will be uncomfortable for them, and it will be itchy and irritate them.

3: Hydration

 Bathing is a great way to keep your dragon hydrated. Bearded dragons drink and absorb water through their skin; a nice bath can give them the hydration they need. Many bearded dragons drink water from their bath, and bathing is the best way to prevent dehydration.

4: Playtime and Bonding

Many dragons love to bathe because it unleashes their wild side. It is a beautiful opportunity for you and your bearded dragon to bond and strengthen your relationship with your pet. They will feel enthusiastic and energetic after a warm bath and will love to play around and enjoy themselves with you. 

5: Constipation and Shedding

Bearded dragons can quickly get constipation, and it is uncomfortable for them. Same as shedding, it can also make your dragon very uncomfortable. A nice warm bath can make it relax and give some relief. Shedding is when your bearded dragon will be very irritated and painful, which is a hard time for them. A warm bath will help to take off the skin quickly without pain. 

6: Better Digestive Health

Regular baths can do wonders for your bearded dragon’s digestive system. Its most significant benefit is it increases the water intake of your bearded dragon.  

It is essential for bearded dragons who suffer from impaction issues regularly. Impaction is caused by eating hard foods, which can be a life-threatening issue for your bearded dragon. However, drinking more water helps quickly get the hard substance through your beardies system.

5 Steps to Bath a Bearded Dragon

It is easy to Bathe a bearded dragon—just a quick soak and then a rinse. You can also gently brush it to make sure it is clean. You only need a tub or a basin with lukewarm water and some towels. Bathing a bearded dragon hardly takes 30-45 minutes, and you are starting to fill the water. It is good to let your bearded dragon soak in the water for some time. It is helpful if you bathe your bearded dragon twice a week. 

Let s read a few steps to bathe a bearded dragon. These steps will help you if you wash it for the first time.

1: Fill a Tub with Warm Water

Firstly you should get the bathing area ready with all the materials required. You can also take a plastic box because it is easy to clean. You can also prefer deeper basins because they prevent your bearded dragon from escaping.

Start by filling the tub with warm water. Always fill it up to the level of your bearded dragon’s knees or armpits. Bearded dragons quickly get water in their lungs. Therefore, keep the water level low. Make sure your bearded dragon supports its head above the water level. 

2: The Right Water Temperature 

Remember, the water temperature for the bath should be between 85-95°F, the same temperature as their basking spot. Make sure to measure with an accurate thermometer, and the temperature should not go above 100°F. High temperatures can easily surprise your lizard and stress it out.

3: Let Them Get Comfortable in the Water

Once everything is ready, gently and slowly put your bearded dragon in the water. If bathing your bearded dragon for the first time, make sure to make it comfortable before putting it in the water. Let your bearded dragon be satisfied in the water. Once it’s happy, let it move around. A 20-minute bath will be good for your bearded dragon’s skin. Let them enjoy their baths. 

4: Gently Brush and Clean Them 

Always remember never to use soap to clean your bearded dragon. While bathing, they may drink water, which will harm them if you use soap. You can brush them before soaking or after; it depends on you. Just make sure your bearded dragon is comfortable.  

Use a toothbrush to clean them, and stoke it gently in the direction of their scales. While brushing, always make sure to avoid brushing the eye and cloaca area. It would be best if you don’t touch these areas. Brush its head, cheeks, and under chin.

While brushing, never forcefully peel off loose skin during shedding; it will eventually come off naturally. 

5: Dry Them Off

After a warm and relaxing bath, immediately dry your bearded dragon. You can use a soft towel or a paper towel to dry them. Using a paper towel to dry your reptile is good because you can throw it away after using it. This prevents the risk of any bacterial growth on a towel. Dry them off nicely before putting them back in the tank.

Never use air drying to dry them because changing temperatures may be too cold for ectothermic creatures. After drying, put them directly under the basking spot so any excess moisture can evaporate. 

After bathing your bearded dragon, make sure to clean yourself. Throw the water and disinfect your tub with a vinegar or lemon mixture. 

Steps to Bath a Bearded Dragon


Bearded dragon baths can be easy and challenging at the same time. It is essential that your bearded dragon bath. Bathing provides many benefits and gives you a chance to bond with your pet. Bathing helps the bearded dragon to stay hydrated to keep the skin healthy. It also makes the shedding process easy. 

Bathing also protects them from illnesses and avoids bacterial infections such as salmonella. Salmonella also affects humans, so regular bathing is essential. However, avoid using soaps because bearded dragons drink water while bathing.  


How often should I bathe my bearded dragon? 

Bathing your bearded dragon 1-2 times a week is best for your dragon, and it will give you the full advantage of bonding with it.

What If my Bearded Dragon Doesn’t Like Baths?

Not all bearded dragons enjoy baths. Therefore, it is essential to assess their experience before making bathing a regular thing. If you have a young bearded dragon, start the process slowly. To make them comfortable with bathing, expose them more to regular baths.

Should You Bathe Your Bearded Dragon While Shedding?

Yes, bathing your bearded dragon during shedding is necessary. You should increase the number of baths during the shedding season. It should be 3-4 times a week.

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