Are Bearded Dragons Good Pets? | 8 Reasons

Are Bearded Dragons Good Pets

Bearded dragons are one of the lizard species. The reason behind such a name for a lizard is their appearance, they have a beard-like structure on their throat that make it look like they have an actual beard, and these lizards seem pretty similar to dragons. Their scientific name is pogona, and their colloquial name is beardies.

They come from the warm and desert areas of Australia and are omnivores, which is why they feed on insects and some plants. In behaviour, they are quite obedient animals; they are not antagonistic and can indulge in human handling. And these traits make them the most popular pet reptile in the world.

Nowadays, when everyone wants a pet to accompany them, bearded dragons are quite popular among beginners and skilled keepers, as they don’t need too much care to stay tame.

So, the question remains are bearded dragons good pets? Reasons why they’re good pets? As we go further in this content, we’ll know all the pros and cons of having a bearded dragon as a pet. 

Do Bearded Dragons Make Good Pets?

Yes, bearded dragons make good pets; they are amazing pet lizards due to their attainable maintenance. However, pet owners do need to learn a few things before owning one. 

It’s true when people say that many characteristics of a bearded dragon’s habits, lifestyle, and diet make them trouble-free to care for when you’re just a beginner. But there are also a few troubles that you can face while taking care of your beardie as compared to some other beginner-friendly reptiles.

Here you’ll get to know all the advantages and difficulties you can face as a beginner’s owner of a bearded dragon. 

Do Bearded Dragons Make Good Pets

8 Reasons Why Bearded Dragons Are Good Pets

When we are talking about how good it is going to be owning a bearded dragon, here are the 8 good reasons why you should own one:

1: Their Calm Nature

Behaviour wise bearded dragons are very calm and choose to be passive rather than aggressive. They enjoy being around their owners, and they don’t harm unless they get the feeling of terror. Even kids can handle them because of their calm temperament.

And this calm nature is generally not seen among other reptiles, which is why bearded dragons are chosen over other reptiles when making their pet.

2: Caring is Simple

Bearded dragons make good pets, as their caring is pretty simple. All you need to do is create a suitable environment for them, and for that, make sure to provide them with the correct temperature and supply them with fresh water, their food, and all is set.

As for their diet, they enjoy a variety of insects, vegetables, and fruits; make sure to look at the foods you can feed them.

Keep their surroundings clean and remove the unwanted food from their tank once a week; that will keep them disease-free.

3: Their Size 

Bearded dragons have good size, and they are medium-sized lizards, which makes them a good choice for their owners. They can be comfortable anywhere, regardless of the size of your apartment. They can grow up to 24 inches from head to tail, and the males are larger than the females.

Their size is indeed medium, but they are large enough to be handled by your children without your presence; if your child carries them, they might get hurt.

4: They Live Long

Their lifespan is another reason to get a bearded dragon. They live about 8-15 years, a good period when you can get to know each other and get comfortable.

With the right care technique, you can keep them for a good time.

5: Their Diet Is Easy to Follow

As already mentioned, they are omnivorous and can eat insects, vegetables, and fruits. Young ones need to be fed twice a day, and adult beardies only once a day.

Bearded dragons can feed on fruits like bananas, grapes, watermelons, apples, etc.

Some vegetables that they can eat are cabbage, broccoli, spinach, etc. And some animal-based foods that they can consume are spiders, fish, beetles, etc.

6: Availability And Low Cost

They are easily available in pet shops and easy to buy as they don’t cost much. There can be some unfortunate cases when your bearded dragon can get sick, and you have to take it to the vet; the unpredicted vet bills should be something you should be prepared for.

7: They Have Unique And Fun Personalities

Their personality is unique among their species; each bearded dragon has a fun, unique character. They don’t always want to stay inside their tank; they enjoy being outside. And they even run inside their tank and climb the branches to get attention from their owner; it’s fun to observe their behaviour. 

So arrange their tanks and surroundings with fancy items like rocks or branches, and that makes them interesting and can have fun.

8: They Don’t Get Lonely

Beaded dragons don’t need company, as they are solitary animals and don’t need to live with another bearded dragon because of their dominance. And even though they don’t like other pets to be involved, they don’t get lonely and enjoy living independently. 

It is suggested that pet owners should not keep two bearded dragons in one tank as they become territorial when they need to share their space.

Reasons Why Bearded Dragons Are Good Pets

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Own a Bearded Dragon

With goods comes bad. Every pet has its defaults. It’s all about the owners and how to maintain and take care of their pets. You will find the same in bearded dragons as well; there are a few reasons why you should not own one bearded dragon:

1: They Carry parasites

When you buy a bearded dragon, there is almost no chance it can carry any parasite, but when you buy a wild-caught lizard, it will carry a parasite, and one with a parasite can cause serious issues.

Pinworms in the intestinal tracts are common parasites among bearded dragons. So, asking the pet shop owner about the breed and specials is important before bringing your beardie home.

2: They’re Not Clean

Beardies eat a lot; of course, they poop a lot, which means they keep their tank dirty. Their tank needs to be cleaned regularly, and you need to put in the effort to clean your pet’s house.

Regular cleaning is suggested as the dirty tank can grow bacteria that harm your bearded dragon and health. So hygiene and cleanliness of their tank are important.

3: The tank Needs Special Lighting

While setting up their tank, pet owners need to do it properly. They need a consistent source of UVA/UVB lights, as they are cold-blooded animals, they can’t regulate their body temperature on their own and depends on their surrounding to make their body function well.

They can suffer from a vitamin D deficiency if not provided with the required heat and light.

4: Fecal Smell

They have the worse fecal smell out of all the pets you previously might have. The scent of their feces is very strong, and might stays for hours. For this reason, some people suggest keeping them out, so they won’t make it difficult for you to stay in your own house.

5: Baby Beardies Need a Lot of Live Food

When you buy a bearded baby dragon, you must be prepared to keep feeding them live food. Though their diet changes as they age, until 7-8 months, you need to feed them small bugs or crickets, and it can be somewhat expensive depending on which bug you buy. Keeping bearded baby dragons healthy is crucial.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Own a Bearded Dragon


Bearded dragons are one of the most popular pets owned by animal lovers around the globe. They are naturally calm, easy to take care of, and fun to be around.

Bearded dragons are medium-sized, but they have bones that are strong enough that won’t break if you hold them with your hand; they are not fragile.

They require special care to live long and healthy; to do so, the pet owners need to maintain the tank temperature, make healthy meals, provide them with clean water, and clean the tank regularly.

So, are bearded dragons good pets? The answer is yes; they do make a good pet. But it entirely depends on the owner if they are capable enough to take good care of their bearded dragon. If you spend time with your beard dragon and look after it, it can become a great pet that you’ll love for years, as its lifespan is longer than other pets.


Are bearded dragons hard to care for?

No, they are not hard to care for, but pet owners must put a little effort into keeping them in good health.

Are bearded dragons good pets for beginners?

Yes, bearded dragons are good pets for beginners as they are calm by nature, don’t attack unless feeling in danger, and are not as expensive as other pets.

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